Sapajus nigritus helping me in my first color grading steps

I’m trying to get a boost from a really flat scene, something like the image below, but so far couldn’t get rid of heavy color artifacts (clearly seen with zoom levels of 50+% in the monkey’s face and also in the blurred background).
Maybe I should refrain my artistic drive to more suitable settings.
I hope you can do something better with this one.

The final, cropped rendition:

DSC_8242_01.nef.xmp (12.6 KB) (this is darktable 3.5.0+2237~g5609b7b27)
DSC_8242.nef (20.9 MB)

The color artifacts:

By the way, first time using dt 3.5, really cool, good work all devs and heavy testers!

This file is licensed Creative Commons, By-Attribution, Share-Alike.


Here is my edit with darktable 3.5, using mainly sigmoid and color balance rgb.
I tweaked the white balance with color calibration to warmer tones. Then I added even more warmth in the shadow and cooled a bit the highlights. Also I boosted the saturation of the subject.

Edit: increased the exposure of the subject.

DSC_8242.nef.xmp (11.9 KB)

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Check your filmic setting midtone sat and color preservation…both can have considerable impact on the color that you see …you’ll need to expt and try all modes…

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Not sure from where you’re getting artifacts, responded well to both the matrix profile and my SSF profile.

I sharpened right after demosaic, applied a moderate filmic curve, then cropped to make a nice portrait. No export resize needed, as the crop took it down to 852x565:


Wouldn’t want to annoy this guy/gal…

DSC_8242-beasty-V1-S-sRGB.xmp (69.5 KB)


Darktable developmental with Filmic, Color Balance RGB, and contrast equalizer with the new fancy details threshold masks :slight_smile:

Oh, and an instagram style crop…

Not sure if I am happy with the green of the leaves, so I didn’t push vibrancy…

DSZ_7522.NEF.xmp (15.5 KB)

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dt 3.4.1

DSC_8242.nef.xmp (8.9 KB)


Coupled rgb curves with filmic as log tone mapper only following discussion in this thread: ART vs dt basic processing
I like the results!

sapajus-DSC_8242_01.nef.xmp (13.7 KB)
dt 3.4.1

Q: Is there any way in darktable to see the post-crop image dimensions?


DSC_8242.nef.xmp (13.3 KB) DSC_8242_01.nef.xmp (13.3 KB)


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And now, in honour of Jacques Abstract Profile, a Rawtherapee version.

sapajus-DSC_8242.nef.pp3 (11.7 KB)
rt 5.8

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I edited intuitively. The way I think it looks best:

DSC_8242_04.nef.xmp (17,9 KB)

daktable 3.5.0~git2254.1f105ca20e-1

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sapajus.nigritus.pp3 (15.4 KB) RawTherapee 5.8 (Development)

RawTherapee has a new feature [RawPedia] (Thanks Jacques and consorts !) and I wanted to give it a try. Not sure yet how it interacts with the rest, so this is a bit of a test run.

EDIT: Fixed a slight magenta cast.

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DSC_8242.nef.xmp (15.9 KB)


Still not sure either.
I disabled all modules and started turning them on one by one and noticed that the most offending one was haze removal (which isn’t even needed for this image). Disabling it, however, didn’t completely removed the artifacts.
Anyway, this was an xmp file originally produced by dt 3.4.1. When I duplicated the image and started from scratch, trying to reach the same strong colored, contrast result, it didn’t show the artifacts.

DSC_8242_01.nef.xmp (27.2 KB)

Neither would I :smiley: These guys know how to put pressure on us, up to a point where a lady felt so menaced that she threw her popcorn bag away. And here he/she goes.

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DSC_8242.nef.xmp (19.5 KB)


Nice work. The leaves look very natural.

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Same crop but developed in b&w.

DSC_8242_01.nef.xmp (30.5 KB)


Two tips…blend dehaze in lightness. Instead of dehaze you can try a tone curve module. No edit just blend it in subtract and use low opacity. For me this works better on the tone curve vs the rgb curve for some reason the effect is more pronounce. Back to artifact I would bet its filmic and then likely enhanced by dehaze. If you drop the default 10% mid tone boost right away you will likely see an impact and second cycle through the color preservation modes in filmic…I am sure you will also find contributions here…I start with both set to zero and if the image needs it then I add them. Doing it this way I can see exactly what changes are introduced and then you have a much better feel for the contribution…

Hover in the middle of the image…