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I am pretty new here, and so far I have seen a lot of technical discussion related to software , techniques and filters, Play Raw being the exception. However, I haven’t seen many actual pictures, as in “final results”. Since this is a forum dedicated to photography, I though it would be nice for people to share their creations to see what they can do with our favourite software and maybe getting a some more exposure in the process.

So there you go, please share your Flickr, Instagram, 500px, Piwigo… and feel free to add a description as well, about your equipment, style, favourite subject…


Right, so I will start. I host all my pictures on Flickr:

I started with a Fujifilm X-M1 with kit lens, then recently moved to a Sony A7 II to see what a full frame could do (also to have a viewfinder).
I mostly shoot with my adapted Minolta MD 35-70 mm f/3.5 but I also have a few M42 lenses. I hope one day I will be rich enough to afford Sony FE lenses but that’s not for today :slight_smile:
I take pictures of places I travel to, I like landscapes and buildings, and I HATE to have people on my pictures, unless they are the main subject.

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(Boris Hajdukovic) #3

Very nice idea @sketyl !

I myself do not hold very much of photography as a representation of reality. For me is much more important the mood that photography can convey or the story that is visually presented to you. Accordingly, the preoccupation with the technical aspects of photography is for me subordinated to this goal. I find paintings to be a strong inspiration for how to deal with the picture. Also the cinematographers like Janusz Kaminski, Vittorio Storaro, Robby Müller and many other are a source of inspiration for me, because they can very skillfully create and lend a corresponding visual mood to the filmic narrative.

When I take photographs, I almost always take my lead from what appeals to me emotionally. I then take some photos without thinking much about it and later look at what it was that appealed to me and try to emphasize it while editing.

I don’t have a lot of pictures online. I’m just too lazy to take care of the whole thing. Sometimes I upload one or another picture to flickr:

During my university studies I also used deviant art as a platform for photos. I haven’t maintained this account for a long time:

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(Kees Guequierre) #4

There is a flickr group:

(Johan Haggi) #5

My pictures:

I started in '70s with a Voigtländer Vito BL (fixed lens, uncoupled selenium meter). In '90 I used Nikon FE2. I used Ilford B&W film and Kodachrome color reversal film.

Now I have Nikon D80 (DX) and D700 (Full Frame) and Olympus compact camera TG-1 (only jpg) and TG-5 (raw+jpg).

I also hate having people on my pictures.

(Mike Bing) #6

Here is mine on Flickr: Mike’s Flickr feed with over 15 years of open-source photography.

(pphoto) #7

Here is my work:

All images are done in Darktable except the retouching where I used DT and Gimp.

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #8

My web gallery, hosted on GitHub:

(Pat David) #9

I really do need to find a better way for us to list/showcase where everyone has their photos… :slight_smile:

I’m pretty easy to find I think?

Flickr · 500px

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Am I the only one who uses instagram? :slight_smile:

My handle is @flashbuckler

You will find a lot of photographs of food and some of Chennai (my city), and the odd cat or human. Photos will be tagged #OpenSourcePhotography #RawTherapee and #GIMP wherever they apply.

(Alberto) #11

I try to have a critique post somewhat regularly every 10-15 days (sometimes it takes longer), where I expose my best efforts to the community’s feedback. other people are more than welcome to join!

(Pat David) #12

This is a great idea. I’ve learned a ton from others critiquing or offering advice!

Also, remember we do have two categories on the forums that help with this directly (and look much better when visiting!):



(This is not to say this thread isn’t fun, btw, just that we have fancy places if you’d like to scroll through them.)

(Alex Mozheiko) #13

With this photo I’m bragging my results … ahem, just sharing it here to say I have no Instagram nor Flickr :smiley: and FOSS is fun even without diving into technical aspects, you still get likeable final result :smiley:

Processed completely with FOSS: Darktable (this time using new module Filmic) and Hugin
Camera: Sony A7, Lens: Tokina 16-28 Canon
Tripod: Velbon Ultra Maxi L
Favourite subject: Landscapes

(Thomas) #14

You can find some of my (better) photos here. :eye:

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My fork gallery is similarly hosted on GitHub:

This is the magic of gh-pages. If you use GitHub, create a branch called gh-pages in one of your repositories. Then browse to that branch as a website with


@andabata I didn’t know about that group, I will join right away!

@patdavid I didn’t know about the showcase and critique categories either, better late than never :slight_smile: I will try to participate as soon as I have some free time

There are some nice galleries on here, cheers for sharing them.

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(Glenn Butcher) #17

I recently stood up a flickr account:

Thinking of it mainly as a curated stream, but not sure how it’ll work into my processing gonkulator. What I’ve been doing to post images for websites that require an external link is uploading them to my personal server (warning, just gloms all the individual pictures on a single web page, takes a bit to load):

It’s a hodgepodge of photographs and screenshots, and I just noticed a couple of others’ images posted for private conversations; I should probably remove those. My worry with this destination is that it probably won’t outlive me, so a bunch of links will go “widow” when I croak.

gh-pages sounds intriguing; may try that.

(Stefan Schmitz) #18

I started in the bad old days with a Nikon F2 and use a D610 today. All post-prod is done in darktable and Gimp. My photographic work turns around sensual and nude portraits and you can find me on

and I’m on flickr, too


I’ve been a photographer for 15-ish years now, both as a hobby and for work. I post photos on Flickr, my website and Instagram (it’s what the kids like I hear). Still shoot quite a bit of film too!


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(Peter Lavender) #20

I really like, it’s a great place to follow the various discussions on all things photography processing, however it seems we rarely get to see many contributor’s photos. I wasn’t aware of the Showcase and Critic categories!

I really like the final part of a photo’s life cycle, the sharing. I was using Google+ for that, but that seemed to slowly die off until Google finally shut it down.

I’ve had a Flickr account for years, but don’t really use it much, these days all my photos land on instagram.


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