Sharing is Caring


Sharing is Caring

Letting it all hang out

It was always my intention to make the entire PIXLS.US website available under a permissive license. The content is already all licensed Creative Commons, By Attribution, Share-Alike (unless otherwise noted). I just hadn’t gotten around to actually posting the site source.

Until now(ish). I say “ish“ because I apparently released the code back in April and am just now getting around to talking about it.

Also, we finally have a category specifically for all those darktable weenies on discuss!

Don’t Laugh

I finally got around to pushing my code for this site up to Github on April 27 (I’m basing this off git logs because my memory is likely suspect). It took a while, but better late than never? I think part of the delay was a bit of minor embarrassment on my part for being so sloppy with the site code. In fact, I’m still embarrassed - so don’t laugh at me too hard (and if you do, at least don’t point while laughing too).

![Carrie White](upload://2QR37M3re3cafZGFxAQXNPdI17n.jpeg)
Brian De Palma’s interpretation of my fears…

So really this post is just a reminder to anyone that was interested that this site is available on Github:

In fact, we’ve got a couple of other repositories under the Github Organization PIXLS.US including this website, presentation assets, lighting diagram SVG’s, and more. If you’ve got a Github account or wanted to join in with hacking at things, by all means send me a note and we’ll get you added to the organization asap.

Note: you don’t need to do anything special if you just want to grab the site code. You can do this quickly and easily with:

git clone

You actually don’t even need a Github account to clone the repo, but you will need one if you want to fork it on Github itself, or to send pull-requests. You can also feel free to simply email/post patches to us as well:

git format-patch testing --stdout > your_awesome_work.patch

Being on Github means that we also now have an issue tracker to report any bugs or enhancements you’d like to see for the site.

So no more excuses - if you’d like to lend a hand just dive right in! We’re all here to help! :)

Speaking of Helping

Speaking of which, I wanted to give a special shout-out to community member @paperdigits (Mica), who has been active in sharing presentation materials in the Presentations repo and has been actively hacking at the website. Mica’s recommendations and pull requests are helping to make the site code cleaner and better for everyone, and I really appreciate all the help (even if I _am_ scared of change).

Thank you, Mica! You rock!

Those Stinky darktable People

Yes, after member Claes asked the question on discuss about why we didn’t have a darktable category on the forums, I relented and created one. Normally I want to make sure that any category is going to have active people to maintain and monitor the topics there. I feel like having an empty forum can sometimes be detrimental to the perception of a project/community.

darktable logo

In this case, any topics in the darktable category will also show up in the more general Software category as well. This way the visibility and interactions are still there, but with the added benefit that we can now choose to see only darktable posts, ignore them, or let all those stinky users do what they want in there.

Besides, now we can say that we’ve sufficiently appeased Morgan Hardwood‘s organizational needs…

So, come on by and say hello in the brand new darktable category!

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Ha! Thank you, Pat, for giving us this tremendous resource. It is much easier to follow than to lead!

In case you didn’t know, mica is a mineral, often found in granite, so I literally rock! :scream:

I think once you get your head around Sass, you’ll love it!

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