Why no Darktable section?

Is there any special reason why we do not have a Software/Darktable section in pixls.us?

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Well, RT has one because they moved their official forum to pixls. darktable on the other hand doesn’t have any official forum, so there is nothing to move here. And they for sure don’t want to introduce an official forum. So if people want to have a darktable section here it would “just” be a pixls thing and nothing run by the darktable team.

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Someone would need to take responsibility to answer questions and moderate a new category.

For instance, RawTherapee has made pixls.us their official forum and there are users here who dedicate their time specifically to that category.

I think we are trying to avoid have categories where there are questions but not helpful answers.

I hope that round-aboutly answers your question.

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Because I have a long-running feud with the darktable team and I don’t want their stinky users and developers flooding the forums*. :smiley:

Or, more like what @houz and @paperdigits already said. Though, @Morgan_Hardwood was asking the other day about creating further categories to delineate software discussions further, which I suppose we could do if we wanted an easy way to filter for darktable specific discussions. They’d still show up in the main Software category the same as the others.

* Please note that I do not in any way intend to disparage all of the fine, stinky people using darktable. I love them all and would even willingly share a flat again with the developers. :heart:


But, don’t all darktable posts go answered anyway? So why not categorize them to keep things clean und organized?


I’m one of those stinky Darktable users :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, and I’d personally love a dedicated subsection for Darktable. I’m not an expert by any means, but the workflow in Darktable somehow resonates with me more than any of the other very fine pieces of software that are very well represented here. For that reason, DT is what I use most and is what I am most comfortable using… I’m sure the that I would make regular use of a Darktable subsection, should one be created!


WOW I’m a relieved man, I always thought my wife was insulting me when she said I stink.
Now I know it’s a compliment and that she means I’m a stinky darktable user :couple_with_heart:

Thanks for the clarification :joy_cat:


Ok, ok. I’ll get a darktable category up when I get a chance to sit down… :slight_smile:


Ok, don’t say I’ve never given you anything…

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: