Show your best Macro shots!



@stonefree Love the freezing butterfly.

@RawConvert Is the spider upside down or right side up? How is it so still? Did you stun it? Is it dead?

@patdavid You just need to write a filter plugin but in doing so you might have to test it on images of and dialogue on spiders. Hence, a downward spiral of despair. :fish_cake:

(Andrew) #42

No! It will rise up from the ashes stronger…

@afre, it was several years ago but I’m pretty sure it is upside down. You can just make out the chelicerae (just looked that up; fangs basically) with black tips. I erm, killed it, with white spirit vapour I think. :spider::cry:

(Shreedhar Inamdar) #43

I have been trying to do mobile phone photography these days. This is the closest I could get with Open camera installed on Motorola X4.

(Kees Guequierre) #44

Like every portrait, it’s all about they eyes :slight_smile:


Here is my attempt from years ago. I did not have a DSLR back then.


Nice mobile shots @shreedhar @Andrius. :slight_smile:

(St.Stephen) #47

This was taken in early March of 2016. It was the first flower of any kind I saw that spring. Taken in natural, golden hour, early evening light.


That actually was a pretty bulky point and shoot camera with a good zoom :slight_smile:

(Eduardo Battaglia) #49

I just bought a set of extension tubes, so these are my first steps into macro photography.

Nikon D5600 + 3 extension tubes + Nikkor 55-200

(Peter Lavender) #50

Great images @Carmelo_DrRaw !!