Show your best Macro shots!


(Kees Guequierre) #21

Oe yes…Macro, my main photographic addiction.

Common toad (bufo bufo)

Thick-legged hoverfly (Syritta pipiens)

Buff-tailed bumblebee (Bombus terrestris)

(Hevii Guy) #22

Here’s another one…

It was shot a couple of years ago when I was on a project in the middle of the bush in Zambia. I got down onto the deck and used a Sigma AF 50mm f/1.4 EX DG HSM with a Marumi Achromat close-up filter to capture this fuzzy critter.


So many “furry” “cute” bugs! Love it. :+1:

(Hevii Guy) #24

This one, one of my wife’s favourites, isn’t quite as furry…


Miniature Death Star.


Lovelies @Carmelo_DrRaw

I’m specially touched by the last one, also the colour’s palette; CONGRATS!

(Hevii Guy) #27

Here’s the only one out of a bucket-load of macro photo attempts taken early yesterday morning which barely comes close to being “share-able”…

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #28

Here is one of the rare pictures I have so far managed to take of a jumping spider!

The little guy was wandering in the grass, each time leaving me just a fraction of a second to focus the eyes and trigger the shutter… that’s one of the best shots I could get:

released under the CC BY-NC-SA license


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(Kees Guequierre) #29

Nice! Jumpers are always awesome :slight_smile:

(Kees Guequierre) #30

And some of the mushrooms i shot last month, inspired by some awesome shots from @Morgan_Hardwood

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #31

Nice! I particularly like #3, the light is just perfect!

(Andrew) #32


(Elle Stone) #33

That’s definitely not one of those bugs that in macro shots cause people to go “oooh it’s so cute!” :slight_smile: . I’m guessing it’s a spider?

(Andrew) #34

Yes, a small spider.
I could have added a few details. It was done with inexpensive accessories, a Canon DSLR, then adapter to M42 thread, then totally manual extension tubes, then a standard lens, but the interesting bit!, you reverse the lens by means of an adapter which converts from filter thread to M42. So now the rear element is on the short distance to subject, and the front element faces the longer distance to cam sensor, just as the lens is designed to do.

@Stampede, it’s a bit like your picture - lots of legs and a few naughty bits. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Stampede) #35

You’re right! It’s just like mine. I don’t know why I spent all that time tuning my picture in GIMP when I could have taken a picture of a spider instead! Now I feel silly. :blush:


(Gys Van Zyl) #36

I also have one of a jumping spider. Although, he was sitting nice and still because he was eating:

And this butterfly was not moving, cause he was too cold:

The beetle was also stationary, looking like it doesn’t do well with heights:

And these two flies were not moving, for obvious reasons:

Macros are much easier if the subjects don’t move :wink:

(Stefan Chirila) #37

Love them, especially #2, #3, #5, #8 :stuck_out_tongue: mostly for the sake of lighter and more detailed shadows; if it weren’t for that I’d say I love them all :slight_smile:

Great, now I wanna go out and shoot some myself haha!

Here’s some of mine; not quite as macro, but done with the Nikkor 105 micro :slight_smile:

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #38

I love the butterfly shot!!!

(Stefan Chirila) #39

OMG those eyes!

(Pat David) #40

THIS is why I’m gonna burn the forum the ground one day…