Siril Windows 64 nightly builds

You will find at generic builds for Windows 64 built with MSYS2.
As I am not a Siril user, I am only able to test that the build starts.


Wonderful !!!
How did you do that?? I did not know, did you tried a script? Is it possible to implement it in our gitlab rep?

Thanks a lot!!

@gaaned92: I think that some files are missing.
Capture d’écran du 2020-02-10 20-11-24

In scripts you find one script file of Siril

Then, the SSL folder is needed for web connection:

scripts seem installed by the install step in ./share/siril/scripts.
I see 8 ssf files in it.
If it is not ok there should be a bug in the installation step…

In what subdir I must add it?

The dir is at the root:
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I just installed the application, set up the required keys. The app install a mirror disk that you use like other disks (mkdir, rm, mv…). and keybase makes its magic! no specific script.
As it is based on a security keys system, I don’t know if it is possible to implement it in the rep.


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I will try on a windows system as soon as possible.

Are the libraries updated automatically before each build?

Build updated

On windows it is an app like other (bundled). There is an automatic silent update. It can be installed on Linux also I think.
What I see on the windows explorer:

edit: perhaps @patdavid and others have moe insight in what is and what can do keybase.

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Thank you very much,

A large number of Siril users who have Windows as operating system will be delighted to be able to try out this development version.

It’s great :wink: