[Solved] [Bug • Windows 10] Images don't import if folder names include polish characters; Imported presets don't auto-aply

  1. If any folder in the Windows’ disk path leading to photos contains polish characters (e.g. ą,ś, ó, ł), images seem to be imported, but are not present in fact:

  1. If you have clean install of darktable and imported presets, previously exported by the same 3.6 version of the app, even though they are makred as “Auto apply” - they are not auto applied.

We know :smiley:

the bug is fixed in master (check out windows insider program for beta of master darktable windows insider program 8/1) and in 3.6.1 release which is not yet released.

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And I was debating myself if it’s worth to tell about those bugs or maybe someone has already spotted it :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

You ought to tell. How would devs knew if nobody noticed?

You’re right.
I was wondering if I would tell something already known - I can imagine things can be frustrating if you hear / read the same all over again.

Also, for the time being, my first posts on forum are dealing with problems :roll_eyes:

I plan to make it better, though. In “PlayRAW” maybe :slight_smile:

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If you’re reporting with the intent to get the bug fixed (and without tones of complaining or demanding) then its all good. We would rather get multiple reports than none at all.

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