[Solved] Error on editing photos in Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon

(Pietro Dolcini) #1


just finished few days ago my installation of Linux Mint and I tried to install Darktable to manage my raws and when trying to switch to Darkroom module I get the following error :slight_smile:

Camera is a Sony a7iii
I tried first with the standard repository installation and then with the updated PPA but I get the same result. Darktable on windows was working fine with my raws so I do not think is a problem of raw compatibility.

Please tell me if I need to provide additional infos.

(darix) #2

Your darktable version is quite old so your camera might not be supported yet. you could try the ubuntu packages from Various packages for darktable . they should work better.

(Pietro Dolcini) #3

Thank you,

my bad. I added the PPA but there was no update.

Now I have Darktable 2.6 and it works fine.

Sorry for the mistake.