Some PhF Layout suggestions



here are some ideas that came to my mind while working with PhF:

  1. The unused blue area seems to be there because of the buttons in the red box. Could this unused space be eliminated by either shifting those buttons to the left bottom below the image?
    Or by setting theses functions into a menu?
  2. The unused green area seems to be there bacause of the tab-rider. Can it be made thus that the rider only appears when multiple images are opened?

This could add some space to the left tools side and to the image (especally if the images are in portrait mode).
Just some thoughts…

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I think this was one of my first feedback. Personally, I wouldn’t mind if @Carmelo_DrRaw placed the icons vertically to the left of the image info area. They shouldn’t be at the bottom.

Another two items that I have requested numerous times: a version number in the window title and PhotoFlow should not have a space (I don’t see “Photo Flow” in many places anymore).

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(Carmelo Dr Raw) #3

@McCap @afre FYI, I have started to implement the suggested UI improvements…

This is now implemented in the latest version :slight_smile:

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(Carmelo Dr Raw) #4

This is a preview of the suggested UI improvements:

The only missing thing is showing the image name in the window title when there is no tab…

What do you think?

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I think it’s great. Much more space for the image!


I still don’t like the bottom row being at the bottom. I prefer it to be at the top.


Would also be ok, but then I woulld shift everything that was at the bottom to the top. Essentially I want to eliminate one row which can be added space for the images to use.


Yes, that is what I mean. I also remarked before that, if you want to be really aggressive, we could move all of it to the top left corner; i.e., extend the vertical column of icons to the top. I guess I wasn’t clear about things earlier.

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #9

@afre @McCap it would look like this with the buttons at the top:

You mean have the vertical column on the left of the histogram?


I have always wanted #1, but #2 is something else. The former is sensible, the latter is adventurous. :slight_smile:

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #11

@afre @McCap this is the layout that maximizes the area allocated to the image.
Afre: is that what you were suggesting?


What I meant.


PS The clipping icons’ toggle isn’t clear to me. Make the states more distinct.


@Carmelo_DrRaw This (your last image) would also be a viable solution but takes away room from the tools and parameters…on the other hand it puts everything in close proximity so you wouldn’t have to move the mouse too much.
@afre’s version of putting the tools at the side makes sense from a point of view of space, but logically it doesn’t. The tools which are there now are processing tools and the ones you want to see there are not. Furthermore the tool column would become quite tall and possibly you’d have to scroll on some monitors…


Hence, why I call option 2 adventurous and option 1 sensible. To be clear, option 1 means almost what @Carmelo_DrRaw is showing in his example, except that it is only one horizontal row and that the icons are smaller to fit the width of the panel.

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #15

I think the icons would become too small if all arranged in one row. Also, I am actually planning to remove all the icons of the first row, and transform the associated actions into menu items (with standard shortcuts). Hence I would propose to presently go for solution 1 as it is… what do you think?

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Sure, it is fine for now. Didn’t want to deviate too much from your current design, so my idea was a stopgap reshuffling at best. Menus properly done are great.

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Just remember what I said about the states of the clipped icons not being distinct enough for my eyes.

PS Forgot to mention that I don’t find the icons on the left particularly useful. I typically choose the first one and then select whatever I need. Speaking of that, I want to remind you that
– I think, “threshold” still appears twice in one of the lists.
– It would be nice if there was a search function.
– It would be nice if there were more tool help entries, not for me but other users.

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #18

@afre @McCap I found a GTK2 theme that seems to fit rather nicely with PhF UI.

Here is how the interface would look like with the new theme:

@Chawoosh this also partly addresses your request for better sliders.

The sliders are a bit too thick for my taste. but that’s a question of theme tuning…

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:slight_smile: OK, it seems good, we will test how it works…

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #20

The new UI layout is not yet committed, but I will let you know as soon as a first version will become available, hopefully in few days from now…


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