Sony Alpha 1 (ILCE-1) support

Darkroom doesn’t seem to open Sony A1 files. They show in lighttable. The error in the logs is:

[rawspeed] (A1_apsc_uncompressed.ARW) bool rawspeed::RawDecoder::checkCameraSupported(const rawspeed::CameraMetaData*, const string&, const string&, const string&), line 169: Camera ‘SONY’ ‘ILCE-1’, mode ‘’ not supported, and not allowed to guess. Sorry.

I’ve uploaded 6 samples (uncompressed, lossless compressed, and compressed raw files for full frame and apsc mode) to , but they’re not showing up in the list once uploaded. Is there anything else I can do to help?

You uploaded them to, created an issue on GitHub and LebedevRI picked it up. Now you wait until LebedevRI does his magic…

Remember, all this is done by people that donate their free time to FOSS, so it might take some time depending on how busy people are :wink:

When LebedevRI closes your GitHub issue it will be available (in the development version!!). You’ll have to wait until the next stable release (June/July) before it is part of the stable release.


There’s no link to the original GH issue, but a question is:
Are those samples uncompressed or compressed raw?

I’m guessing uncompressed should not be too difficult to implement since it isn’t really any significant change compared to older Sonys.

If you are saving compressed raw images with the A1 - You could potentially be waiting a while as it and the A7S3 are the first Sony cameras to support lossless compressed RAW, and the algorithm is unknown. It may be easy to reverse engineer, it may not be. (See how long Canon CR3 support took for FOSS due to needing massive amounts of reverse engineering.)

I came across it when checking up on my own submitted issue, both user names are the same so…:

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Aha, so all three possible options.

Hi Guys,
Yeah… I opened the github issue as well. This is my first time discussing things on the github repo, so didn’t really know if I should post here as well or not.

The samples I provided are compressed, lossless compressed, and uncompressed for both full frame and apsc (so 6 in total). They all show up in lighttable, but none open in darkroom with an error in the logs pointing to the model number ILCE-1 not being supported. I’ve just checked rawtherapee and it seems to work with the compressed and uncompressed files, but not the lossless ones. I’m guessing the formats for the compressed and uncompressed ones might be the same as other Sony Alpha models, and might just work (apart from the model check). I think the Adobe stuff also does not currently work with lossless compressed.

I’ll wait for the magic to happen :slight_smile:

That’s roughly what I’d expect. To my knowledge, there are no known significant changes to the lossy compressed or uncompressed formats, but lossless compressed is a brand new animal.
Another issue beyond basic format support is color profile support - initial support can often be implemented just by grabbing the ColorMatrix from a DNG file generated by Adobe DNG Converter, but ideally we wouldn’t depend on a FOSS tool at all - in the case of RawTherapee, the proper method is to profile the camera with ColorChecker shots - How to create DCP color profiles - RawPedia

Again, playing the devil’s advocate here :wink:

Creating custom input profiles should be discouraged unless either one has all the equipment and controlled setup to do it properly (i.e., not just a color target), or clearly understands the consequences otherwise.

All that article convinced me of was not to use narrowband lighting.

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So it looks like support for this in rawspeed has moved to “Done, not propagated to stable”, and “Resolved” (the two ILCE-1 tickets). Does this mean the latest version built from source would have support for the camera? I’m using archlinux, and can see the darktable-git package updated on June 4. When that updates again, would it have support?

git packages in arch linux rebuild with the latest stuff everytime you reinstall them (assuming you are using an AUR helper). You don’t have to wait for the package to “update”

The darktable-git package will download and build the latest sources from github whenever you run it, no need to wait.

The issue is whether darktable will take in the latestest rawspeed, or is still pointing to an older rawspeed. If you build darktable from source yourself, you can check out whatever rawspeed version you need.

Yup, which is already something that the RawTherapee docs say NOT to do. Use real tungsten, not high-CRI LED or CFL.

It’s a lot harder to find real tungsten, but still possible - in the US, Lowes still carries them, although usually not many and on lower shelves.

Similarly, get your daylight shot in daylight, not with a “daylight” bulb.

If profiling an oddball illuminant, then you need to know or measure the spectrum of that oddball illuminant.

For the spectral measurement work, I bought a small LowellPro tungsten-halogen lamp, figured I could also use it for copy work.

Lab-grade lamps will probably continue to be had, but geesh, are they expensive…