Statue doing handstands

@jimd asked me to “Pop that statue doing handstands in the critique thread” [Capture Challenge] Charge your battery and take some photos - #723 by jimd. So I suppose he has something interesting to say. Here it is.

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Shadow Killer

Started out with Exclusion > Exclusion over base layer and then copy of base layer on top set to color but then did a lot of other steps (convolution techniques and lumna Inverse overlay to further increase the brightness). Of course, noise is always going to be a result and didn’t do any noise cleaning steps. :slight_smile:

I’m loving how the photos in this forum make me think about my photos.
Thinking composition, subject isolation.
If you got closer to ‘Handstands’ and I mean really fill the frame (short lens), that would push the background relatively further from the camera and maybe even darken it a few stops. i wonder how that would look?

As to ‘something interesting to say’? Not really, just the first thought to pop into my head on viewing. The photo was interesting enough to stimulate this waffle though…
Thanks for posting


Looks like youre close to getting the statue completely lit… Would an hour or so before or after the capture achieve that? I think it’d help a lot.

I’d also darken the leaves on the right part of the frame, they’re much too bright, as are parts of the background on the left behind the statue.


There was a similar image of a boy on a rock…maybe less shadows but very underexposed to start with in Boris’s ( @s7habo ) latest video… This would have been a good one for him to tackle as well. I know you will take the bait Boris :slight_smile:

Thank you @jimd and @paperdigits for your feedback. I understand your point of view suggesting to isolate further the statue from the context (with a closer shot or darkening the leaves of the magnolia, and so on), but I like how the handstand boy interacts with its surroundings, like a real boy joyfully playing in the park in this sunny and colorful day.

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