Support for Pentax pixel shift files #3489


The decision to discontinue the GTK2 support was made by the development team in order to put all efforts on the new GTK3.
The fact that XP support is also discontinued was taken into account by the team, but as @paperdigits said, MS support ended almost 3 years ago.

The use of GTK2 or GTK3 is not a build decision. It is defined in the code. So I regret that there is nothing I can do except to provide you the last 32 bit gtk2 “pixelshift” build in same location.

(Vitalis) #262

What a pity! gtk2 still has much more classy look.



You can download it here:

Use Finder to unzip anywhere and start the app. If you feel like it, drag it to your Application Folder - personal or system.

I am not sure what version is supposed to do and hence have not done any extensive testing.

Please let me know if there are issues.


(Mica) #264

RT is themable, so it should look more or less how you want it to look.

(Vitalis) #265

Quite right, but shapes of widgets remain. Gtk2 widgets are a bit smaller and I simply like them more.


what a great thing you transported PS on MacOs Sierra RT5. I tried it today but I can’t even open it on MacOs Sierra, neither on Mac OS X.9… Something to do?
Best regards.

PS: official MacOs Sierra RT5 works very well…

Edited to ping @partha


Probably I made an error when I moved the libraries.

Could you please do the following? Please send me the logfile from /tmp/runRT-5.0-r1-gtk3-227-gbdbb808-(bunch of numbers).log to my personal email address found on my website.



Hi Partha,

First, many thanks for sharing a Mac port of the pixel shift code base!

The log file indicates why the app won’t start - it’s looking for a hardcoded file in your home directory (/Users/partha/projects/src/graphics/RT/build/psgtk3/Release/Resources/camconst.json). As a temporary hack, I created a symlink to point the Resources directory above to /Applications/, and Raw Therapee came up just fine, with pixel shift support. :wink:

Do you know when pixel shift support is likely to be put back into the main branch?



@heckflosse wants to merge psgtk3 branch (pixelshift on gtk3) into dev this weekend.


I sent a bug report, I do not know if useful. Best regards.


Can you tell us for a complete novice like me how you have done it, please…
Thank you.

PS: RT5 w/o PS works very well on my Mac Pro 2009 (-> 2010 update), and DCUP5 is not stable. So, I am very interested by this PS version and because I’m used to RT5 now. I like it very much thanks to your community…

(Ingo Weyrich) #272

pixelshift is now in dev branch.

This also includes the possibility to access the three sub-images of Pentax-3-in-1 HDR files and both sub-images of Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Dual Pixel raw files.


Thank you heckflosse. I am looking forward to watching the ongoing Pixel Shift final version.

PS: with PS version just on Pentax K-1 tilt screen, I already can notice the difference between PS and w/o… resolution and dynamic!

(Ingo Weyrich) #274

The final version will take a while because we will try improvements for high ISO pixelshift files especially in automatic mode. Also the current version is not tested for the new Pentax KP because we don’t have example files.


Please, take your time, the time you need to please us…:yum:


Hi Teiki,

If you want to try Partha’s version, run the following commands from (assuming you’ve copied Partha’s version into /Applications):
First command:
sudo mkdir -p /Users/partha/projects/src/graphics/RT/build/psgtk3/Release/
Second command (it’s a single line with spaces between each string, so just copy and paste the whole thing):
sudo ln -s /Applications/ /Users/partha/projects/src/graphics/RT/build/psgtk3/Release/Resources

Once a version becomes available through the normal release process, do the following to clean up:
sudo rm -r /Users/partha




You didn’t send me the report I asked for, did you?

Please download again and let me know if your problem goes away. Here is the URL again:

@allanp, I think you won’t need to do that with the version above. As you guessed, the issue arises due to the location of file camconst.json. I’ll fix it once and for all in the next iteration if the above works.

@ion12, The changes we are thinking of in the cmake files may have to be revisited.


(Ingo Weyrich) #278

Short notice for builders: If you want to make a pixelshift build from dev branch, currently you have to
git checkout ace00a8
before you build because I broke build of current dev HEAD intentionally (it has a critical bug caused by another merge which we don’t want to go live through nightly builds) :unamused:

I will report when the issue with current dev HEAD is solved

(Ingo Weyrich) #279

The bug was fixed by @Hombre
Builds from dev HEAD are possible again now


Hi Partha,

Your updated version does indeed resolve the hardcoded path dependency for the camconst.json file, and pixel shift is working.

The log file seems to be spitting out a few errors. I’ll email it to you.