Surprise! David!

I have been slowly updating afre.gmic and making my private filters public. Was in for a surprise when I changed a line of a vignette filter. Normally, this would go into G'MIC fun with afre but this is too good of an opportunity not to miss showcasing our friendly neighbourhood developer.

sample david



This is quite a vignette! :joy:

it would have been better to just keep the wall behind :slight_smile:

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Which is why I called it a surprise. The effect is more an enveloping darkness.

PS It looks like this using default parameters. The shape seems to alter based on image dimensions, among other factors, but you can see a characteristic diamond like shape.


Hmm, could it be possible to use variable polygon or stars as shape?

David sees the light. All is well. :stuck_out_tongue:



Hope he survived. What will happen next? Stay tuned.

Don’t you hate it when your own software turns on you?

if that means he’ll survive me, that’s pretty good news :cold_face:


Good point! I hadn’t considered that interpretation.