Test RawTherapee 5.6-rc1

(Morgan Hardwood) #1

We will be releasing RawTherapee 5.6 within a week. Yesterday we made a release candidate - you can help by reporting what system you tested it on and whether it worked as it should.

Download builds:

  • Windows [56MB]
  • Linux AppImage [98MB]
  • macOS [85MB]
  • Source code: either checkout tag 5.6-rc1 in git, or get our tarball (do not use the auto-generated GitHub release tarballs).

(Morgan Hardwood) #2

The AppImage runs fine in Sabayon.

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(Sebastien Guyader) #3

Appimage runs fine in Manjaro XFCE edition. I have this error message in console:

/usr/lib64/gio/modules/libgioremote-volume-monitor.so: undefined symbol: g_mount_operation_get_is_tcrypt_system_volume
Failed to load module: /usr/lib64/gio/modules/libgioremote-volume-monitor.so

It’s with gvfs ver 1.40.0.


(Sebastien Guyader) #4

5.6-rc1 also builds and runs fine on Manjaro XFCE.



5.6-rc1-1 builds and runs fine on Manjaro KDE
connected to an UHD monitor.


(Paul Miller) #6

The application launches and seems to run on macOS 10.14.4, but the user interface is too big (this is on a retina MacBook Pro):

I tried removing Application Support/RawTherapee in case the old settings where upsetting something, but it didn’t help.


(keith) #7

The AppImage runs fine (so far) on Linux Lite 4.4 (based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS)


(Morgan Hardwood) #8

@paulmiller as stated in the release notes, interface scaling depends on the font size (as set in RT, which is inherited from your system-wide font size on first run), on DPI, and on display scaling. No scaling occurs when the font size is set to 9pt, DPI is set to 96 (or 72 for macOS) and scaling is set to 1 (100%). Experiment with these parameters.


(Gord) #9

The Appimage runs fine on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, based on a quick test.


(Paul Miller) #10

Changing the font sizes to 9 point makes the text look better, but the icons are still much too large. The display resolution is fixed at 144dpi (I’m not sure what GTK thinks it is). I can’t find any setting for display resolution in RawTherapee - is there a hidden setting for it somewhere in a config file?

Changing display scaling in System Preferences doesn’t help (apart from making everything else the wrong size as well).

RawTherapee 5.5’s UI is scaled correctly on the same machine.


(Morgan Hardwood) #11

No, it’s inherited from your system.

Maybe @HIRAM can help.

@paulmiller meanwhile, please show a screenshot of RawTherapee’s Preferences > General tab, along with screenshots of your macOS font size, DPI and display settings.



The AppImage seems to run fine in up- to-date Arch. However, I added this to my options file:


but I don’t see a “favorites” tab. The tools are not removed from their usual place, either. I did restart the program.


(Paul Miller) #13

Display settings in newer macOS are minimal:

There is no global font size setting in macOS 10.14. I think the option to change that went away after MacOS X 10.9 or so…

Note that changing the main font size from the default of 10 to 9 makes the text go huge until you quit and re-launch RawTherapee. (the Color picker font defaults to 8).


(Sebastien Guyader) #14

@mbs It works here with the favorites tab. Where’s your config files located? Are you sure you modified the right one?
It should be located in ~/.config/RawTherapee5-5.6-rc1-ai/ if I stand correct.



Yep, that’s the file I modified:


This is really weird… so, am I correct that I should see a new tab next to the usual Exposure, Detail, Color, etc, tabs?



OK, I figured it out.

RawTherapee overwrites the options file when it exits. What happened was that I modified the file, then restarted RawTherapee. It overwrote my changes on exit.

If I modify the file while RT is closed, it works fine. I’d suggest adding a note to the wiki warning against modifying the options file while RT is running.


(Morgan Hardwood) #17

@mbs done.

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@mbs This is true for most apps but it still stumps me once in a while. :blush:



@paulmiller If you option-click on the Resolution: :radio_button: Scaled button you will get a list of all the supposedly supported resolutions for your monitor. There may be a few settings marked (HiDPI) that have the effect of making things larger generally, but depending on your resolution available may not be useful with RawTherapee. For instance, when I switch to 960x540 HiDPI mode, RT is too large to use. My native resolution is only 1080p.


(Morgan Hardwood) #20

I added a link to the Windows build in my first post.

Thank you @gaaned92 @HIRAM @Carmelo_DrRaw for making the builds!

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