Testing : Qt-based version of the G'MIC plug-in for GIMP

(MareroQ) #121

New option:preview zoom level display - works very well.


Thanks for your builds Mareqo, it’s nice to have graphics that display on the interface but mousewheel zooming does not seem to work anymore for me unfortunately .


It might be a Windows issue. Scroll zoom works here: gmic_gimp_qt compiled for 'buntu ppa Gimp 2.9.5
You could try holding the ctrl key down while using the scroll wheel.

However FWIW: this in my Gimp 2.9.5 appimage with the qt gmic. http://i.imgur.com/XHPYM4O.jpg

edit: I see I am one version behind MareroQ, 170506, maybe that is it.



When in GIMP an Alpha Channel is applied, then there are problems with the Lch color space in the G’MIC “Curves”-filter, then the filter doesn’t work.

With the Lab color space, the filter works.

I see a difference in the following code:

_color0="180,180,180" _color1="220,180,220" _color2="220,220,180" _color3="220,220,220" _title0=Lightness _title1=Chroma-A _title2=Chroma-B _title3=Alpha
-m "xcc_goto: -s c,-3 -srgb2rgb[0] -apo[0] -rgb2lab8,0,4 -a c" -m "xcc_backto: -s c,-3 -apo[0] -lab82rgb,0,4 -rgb2srgb[0] -a c"
-m "xcc_info: 256,1,1,3,if(!c,x,128) 256,1,1,3,if(!c,240,if(c==1,x,128)) 256,1,1,3,if(!c,240,if(c==1,128,x)) -lab82rgb[-3--1] -permute[-3--1] xcyz "\
"-a[0,-3] y -a[1,-2] y -a[2,-1] y"
-elif {['"$1"']=='lch'}
_color0="180,180,180" _color1="220,180,220" _color2="255,220,220" _color3="220,220,220" _title0=Lightness _title1=Chroma _title2=Hue _title3=Alpha
-m "xcc_goto: -s c,-3 -srgb2rgb[0] -apo -rgb2lch8[0],0,4 -a c" -m "xcc_backto: -s c,-3 -apo -lch82rgb[0],0,4 -rgb2srgb[0] -a c"
-m "xcc_info: 256,1,1,3,if(!c,x,0) 256,1,1,3,if(!c,255,if(c==1,x,128)) 256,1,1,3,if(!c,220,if(c==1,128,x)) -lch82rgb[-3--1] -permute[-3--1] xcyz "\

When I change:

-m "xcc_goto: -s c,-3 -srgb2rgb[0] -apo -rgb2lch8[0],0,4 -a c" -m "xcc_backto: -s c,-3 -apo -lch82rgb[0],0,4 -rgb2srgb[0] -a c"


-m "xcc_goto: -s c,-3 -srgb2rgb[0] -apo[0] -rgb2lch8,0,4 -a c" -m "xcc_backto: -s c,-3 -apo[0] -lch82rgb,0,4 -rgb2srgb[0] -a c"

Then Lch color space is usable (with an Alpha channel). But is this change correct?



First i want to say thank you for this fantastic tool, really is a great asset, then i would like a bit of help as i can’t solve the following after many tries :

Using the qt test version i can’t get some settings to be stored permanently, like here the setting " Output - as new layer " :

I deleted all g’mic files, deleted the registry key , installed again and nothing seems to work, each time i restart gimp the setting return to default.

Started to look into the registry where the parameters seems to be stored and there is maybe some odd things there, some settings are saved correctly like the dark theme but the output settings are strange, looking in detail i see this :

Each item i try a new setting for output i get different values applied on those 2 reg entires, according to the pluginrc file we find in the .gimp-2.8 folder saying this :
(proc-arg 0 “output” “Output mode, when non-interactive (0=in place,1=new layers,2=new active layers,3=new image)”)

The value for a new layer should be 1 if i understand this correctly, i tried to force it in this file but no success too, what is strange is that in the registry i end up with one value being 1 and the other being 3.

I’m not a coder and that’s how far i could go before registering and asking for some help on this, i have no idea why it never store my settings, each time i restart gimp those output settings are reset to default.

Thanks in advance for any help and thanks again for this plugin and the amazing work you put on this.

PS : using win7 x64 +G’MIC Qt 2.0.0_pre#170426 on Gimp 2.8.22 ( same issue with 2.8.20 i had previously )

Edit : forgot to add that previously on older Gmic i had no issues with this, and also no issues with some things like last path used for using a 3DLut in the “User-Defined” filter. It was keeping the path of the last 3DLut used, now it never keep any trace of the path from last LUT used, i restart the program and i get this each time :

Thanks again

(David Tschumperlé) #126

Thanks, your changes are correct yes. It will be fixed in a few minutes.


That’s what i call a quick hotffix :wink:

Sadly after a quick try it still doesn’t seems to remember the settings and the registry still ends up with a value of 1 and 3 like on the screenshots with the version #170517 qt for gimp x64

I will try to clean up all again and give more tries later at night but i’m sorry to say that apparently it doesn’t work.

Thanks a lot.

(David Tschumperlé) #128

The fix was actually for the previous post from @iarga, sorry :slight_smile:
I’m preparing an answer for your post as well, will come a bit later !


Oh , i took it for me sorry, I’ll wait then, take your time :stuck_out_tongue:

(David Tschumperlé) #130

So @Yalba, here is what we can say about your post:

  • Concerning the persistence of the “Output mode” option : this is something that has been done indeed in the GTK version of the plugin, and this still works like this. But this doesn’t work like this in the Qt plug-in. Actually, I find that saving the input and output modes persistently is not a good idea. A lot of time, I got screwed by the fact the input mode was set to ‘All layers’ when I wanted to process only the current layer. Same for the output layer mode.
    So, what we have done is this : these settings are saved as long as the current session of GIMP is alive. When you close GIMP and restart it, then the input/output modes are reset to defaults values.
    This is the best trade-off we found so far, but if you (or others) have a better idea, then we can discuss about it.

  • About the file dialogs : indeed, the path is not remembered when the file selector is launched several times. This should be improved, and I talk to Sébastien about it. I’m pretty sure he will be able to do that in no time (at least before the final release of version 2.0.0).

Thanks again for your feedback.


Would it be crazy to allow saving layer selection modes with a favourite?
There are a few ways that could be dealt with… for example the info could be saved with the fav but only used if a tickbox is checked in settings. Needs thought to avoid creating a confusing situation for users.


“This is the best trade-off we found so far”

The best is to allow the enduser to choose the best… for the enduser himself !!

But thanks for your work

(Sebastien Guyader) #133

In fact, I like loved the way in the GTK plugin, output mode and verbose were remembered permanently. Indeed, most of the time I like to have the output set to “new active layer” and verbose output in the layer name. Now with the qt plugin, I have to set both options every time I restart Gimp, and of course sometimes I forget to set it and I realize that only after running the filter for the first time, and I need to cancel the job, and run the filter again with the right options for me.
So if there’s a way to have the options remembered, for example in faves as suggested by @garagecoder, that would be great and a timesaver.



I understand it can be troublesome, i did not realized it was a difference between GTK and qt too.
Myself i got screwed a few times, i set my filters get nice results after fine tuning stuff and then realize i was not outputting in a new layer so i had to restart everything from zero.
Even now that I know it doesn’t save the setting it happens to forget about it once in a while…
I don’t know how it could be managed, what previous guys posted seems ok for me, as long as i don’t need to worry about it anymore once set and since i always use the same output method to a new layer it will be fine for me.

  • For the dialogs remembering the paths it will be really nice to have this back, was very efficient before where not only it kept the path but also last LUT used, now i need to browse all folders again each time i restart gimp which doesn’t seems like a big deal but when you are used to previous method you realize how much more efficient it was of course, i would not mind if it remembers only the path and not the lut file used tho, will be more than enough for me already.

Thanks a lot for the answers.



With build G’MIC-Qt for GIMP 2.8 -2.0.0_pre#170517, win64 (zip and exe),

libglib-2.0-0.dll must be in platforms folder to get it working. (for me)


Thanks a lot for the last version and this new option :

Noticed that apparently only the newly favs added kept the settings, if only modifying the output option on a existing one it was not kept apparently,
but also found a easy way to modify all my existing favorites by editing the AppData\Roaming\gmic\gmic_qt_faves.json file and adding “outputMode”: 1 instead of 0 for output as new layer, really easy and quickly done.

Tank you so much for this new possibility, really great.

Edit : also possible to store a LUT direct path used as favorite in the gmic_qt_faves.json, or even better just the path of a folder where my LUT’s are all stored.

Just perfect, thank you very much for this .

(David Tschumperlé) #137

Actually, this is subject to changes in a few days.
We think that having a persistance of the input/output parameters for each filter is actually the best thing to have, including the favorites. So that should be the case in the future release.


This works well for me, noticed i could even change some things i was not able to do before, like the Fourier watermark directly having the watermark text i want, previously i always had to replace the “G’mic” default text by what i needed and never could keep my own watermark text stored, now it is possible to keep it and it’s great for the workflow.

Anyways as long as i have a way to keep settings remembered it is all good for me.

Thanks a lot.

(David Tschumperlé) #139

Hello folks,

I’ve just posted new binaries today for the 2.0.0 pre-release version of G’MIC (link). It is intended to be the last pre-release before the final version planed for next week. If you have some time and motivation for testing these, we would be really grateful to get feedback from you. Most of the things we wanted to put in version 2.0.0 should be working as expected.
I’m also writing a quite comprehensive summary of all the features we’ve put into G’MIC these 12 last months. As you may imagine, this actually represents a lot of work :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your help.

(MareroQ) #140

Hi David.

Error in image names - for GMIC QT and gtk.
Will there be a new source file for translation (*.ts)- for new capabilities/options?