Thank you mr s7habo

I was directed here from the DT Facebook group and I registered solely to say thank you for your amazing Youtube channel. Your way of describing Scene Referred, linearity and the modules in Darktable Episode 43 is amazing. I finally got the aha moment of scene referred and especially Filmic and Color Balance!
Frankly, I’ve never been this amazed by a tutorial. :slight_smile:

I do photography in shitty environments. Poor light, extreme amounts of white and then dark objects. I revisited some of them and with your help I popped details like never before without a single mask.


Thank you for the kind words @lomo !

I am glad that videos are useful for you. So they have fulfilled their purpose and that is the best motivation for me to continue.

And welcome to our forum where I and many others get support and above all have learned a lot.


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Welcome to the forum…in addition to his channel Boris has provided a lot of examples and explanations in a number of threads on the forum…well worth your time as well…for example