The future of colour management

Resources, education, participation, outreach and engagement are important for the future of colour management. The goal of this thread is to continue the discussion of these topics from Wayland color management. Context (among other relevant posts):


I will see if I can track down any Wayland devs at SCaLE, buy them lunch in exchange for listening to me!


Great idea, Mica! Perhaps we can get some of the other talented experts here to help craft a consistent message which you could then use as a guideline and springboards in your discussions. The bullet summary and backup might be a helpful format.

Please note that, unlike me, in no way am I suggesting that you’re not technically capable of having such a conversation with the Wayland devs! However, since we’ve got a great talent pool of colour/display experts available here at this forum, it might be worthwhile to consider using this valuable resource to our advantage.

If you think that there’s merit in this suggestion, once you’ve all agreed on the key points and written them out, take a breath, step back and try to put yourself diametrically in the shoes of the devs. Does the message resonate? If you can’t see any clear “what’s in it for me” benefits from what you think their perspective might be, tweak it until they become obvious. Maybe if presented to him first, @swick would be kind enough to offer his “insider” insight.

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