"The GIMP" has been forked by folks who find the name offensive

Just heared about it

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I think the fork is great; those who forked have exercised their Free Software rights and those who were put off to contribute because of the name now can put their energy somewhere positive, instead of opening issues and talking at the gimp team about something that just isn’t going to change.

If the Glimpse crew is right about the name, then they’ll have lots of popularity and get many donations, be able to hire devs and Free Software will be better for it.


I was trying to put my thoughts into words but you did it better (and faster!) than I could have.

political correctness is SO MUCH turning me off - you probably can’t imagine …


But turning you off from what? Its what other people do in their free time. If that’s what they want to do, then let them do it.

Will you not use Glimpse if it get some killer feature that gimp can’t or won’t get?


The fork is done for a reason I find ridiculous. So far I can’t see any good in it.

But I agree that each should do as he pleases. My standards only apply to me and I don’t request anybody else to apply them.


but glimpse is something else in graphics

just saying…

I didnt know that apparently the Glimpse devs get threats for forking.
And I dont get why. If you dont like it dont use it.
But most importantly: Is it really named “The” GIMP?
That sounds really strange to me. :wink:

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If I was to fork RawTherapee, I’d call it “Flössie’s Alternative RawTherapee” for maximum effect. :grin:


Unless you love the new name or mascot, then they haven’t really done much, according to the commit history. Hopefully that changes soon.

I’m using the GIMP for all my photography since 2002 (?) - I feel comfy with it.

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AFAIK this is GPL code, so most of the code in Glimpse is fair game for Gimp, and vice versa. I don’t think Glimpse will diverge much. Changing the name/logo is easy, groking the algorithms, understanding color models is a whole other story.

I wonder how “deep” these folks go, there are plenty of places in the programming interface where the “gimp” name appears, if they replace it by “glimpse” they won’t be able to run Gimp scripts and plugins.

But really, what it the point? OK, so you have a fully-featured shiny new politically-correct image editor, but absolutely no community around it and zero resources (Youtube tutorials, scripts, brushes, gradients…). So all your politically-correct, over-sensitive users are either left out in the cold or have to pinch their noses and understand that Glimpse is just a varnish over Gimp and use regular Gimp resources (and no, I won’t buy the glimpse-forum.net name, I prefer keeping the money for 3 beers).

I think this is an attempt as futile as GimpShop. Sooner or later it will reach the “Pripyat” dereliction status, and its ashes will be reused by villains to distribute malware.


Years ago, I did a lot of Android low-level platform development. At one point, I was making small kernel tweaks (including fixing boneheaded Samsung bugs in the SGH-I777, aka AT&T Galaxy S2). The I777 was 97% identical to the international S2, aka GT-I9100.

In general, I was horrendously dead-set against “blind development” for phones, but because I had understood the deltas so well (to the point where at one point I worked around a Samsung GPL violation by editing the kernel binary…), I was willing to risk it as long as I had a trusted fellow developer review my changes and test the first two releases.

Despite this, my stance on blind development meant that while the I777 version was simply named “Daily Driver” - I9100 users were well warned of potential risks by a product named “Fecality”

I feel offended by the name Glimpse. I’m thinking about making a fork of this project. :roll_eyes: …what is the world coming to?

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If I was to fork RawTherapee, I’d call it “ F lössie’s A lternative R aw T herapee” for maximum effect.

No! It stinks!

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This is my first time hearing about any of this and my first thought was: Oh great, I get to listen to people complain about political-correctness here now? Cool.

My second thought was if you’re going to go through the trouble of changing the name, why call it Glimpse? That is also not a good name, but for different reasons. Changing the name from a marketing standpoint is completely legitimate just so long as the name is actually better. That said, I completely support them in this endeavor.

Do I have a problem with using a program called GIMP? No, of course not. And I stand before you a bona fide SJW, feminist, pejorative term that I shall not type here. I don’t find said term offensive. I’m taking it back just like the GIMP has been trying to do for twenty years. And, although I respect and admire the effort, It hasn’t really worked. At least not in an, “Oh, I’d like to implement this awesome FLOSS software into my professional work environment and contribute heavily to its development!” kind of way.

The fact is, the supposed out of control hordes of uppity PC police taking offense to an acronym are not really a thing. Are there people out there who do? Sure. But most people advocating for kinder, more inclusive speech don’t actually take it too seriously. And even if they did, it’s just not worth getting that worked up about. The real problem is that people not familiar with Open Source alternatives who hear the name GIMP for the first time respond not with offense but a snicker.

Edit: I just watched Bryan Lunduke’s video after posting this and I suppose I could have simply said that I agree with pretty much everything he said.:wink:

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Just read all previous posts and it does look like here nobody judges the name GIMP as being offensive :slight_smile:
In case this is really confirmed, it is quite an interesting outcome because if you take a look a this other web-page [1] it is somewhat the contrary in that, as regards its comments, plenty of people look like they have some grudge about the name GIMP as being offensive (or maybye there are only the more “vociferous” who post their views on this topic and thus they are over-represented…)

Personally, as a long time GIMP user, I do not care a fig about its name and I don’t want to switch software and its Wilber mascot because of this :slight_smile:
On top of this, I find extremely ludicrous to think about a surge in the software devolpment of “Glimpse” thanks only to its brand-new name. We are talking about C code here, not python or some other “easy” scripting language…

In the end, I suppose this move will simply allow the Glimpse “developers” to collect some money, which is totally legal, btw…

[1] https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2019/08/glimpse-gimp-image-editor-fork

Sometimes, I feel happy to be an ignorant foreigner.
Could someone please enlighten me: what are the dirty,
non-PC, offensive, NSFW, &c, &c, &c, connotations of The Gimp?

In case you do not even dare to write it onto the forum,
please send me a PM.

Innocently Yours,
Claes in Lund, Sweden


For the nsfw part: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bondage_suit
Generally urban dictionary is your friend with weird English word usages: https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=gimp

Previously innocently yours,
Simon in Switzerland



  1. (person who is lame): cripple, disabled (person)
  2. (derogatory term for inept, outcast or odd person): dweeb, nerd, geek, gump, spod, dork.

As a teenager, I watched the movie “Pulp fiction” by Quentin Tarantino, and I still remember there was a guy who was labelled as “gimp” because he was disabled.

To my ignorance, until very recently, I didn’t know that GIMP stands for:
“GNU image manipulation program” :slight_smile:
I have always thought wrongly that GIMP was the funny name invented by the developers themselves to make fun of their software, since they were aware that it was not clearly on par with Photoshop…