The Leprechauns must be lost...

My question to Play_Raw is: how to get something like a translucent rainbow to “pop”?

For example this image… how to get the rainbow to be distinct and cover the whole colour spectrum as it should? Without adversely affecting the area around and behind? In my attempt it seems that purple and yellow are too prominent; where there should be equal green, blue and red. I tried to mask - but that causes a very distinct region that affects the detail behind. I have tried colour zones - but in doing so - if not careful it becomes quite wacky.

I have other images that have a similar issue - for example a children’s entertainer using soap bubbles. Where I find it really hard to not have the translucent multi-coloured bubbles blend-in and disappear into the background. I might try to find that image and post my bubble images to play_raw too in the near future? I remember seeing an image on Play_Raw some time ago of a Witch? surrounded by bubbles at night - the bubbles really “popped” in that image but the lighting may have helped in that situation?

How would Play_Raw attempt an image like this?

Leprechauns lost in Zurich…

1X1A7276.CR3.xmp (16.7 KB)

1X1A7276.CR3 (26.3 MB)
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Thanks for the play!
One way is to use a combination of contrast and dehaze…

1X1A7276.CR3.xmp (8.6 KB)

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden


This is one of the .CR3 images which when I open it in Filmulator has a strong magenta cast.
I am curious to know if it was saved in the .CR3 format or the compressed C-RAW format. It also shows a magenta border top and left.

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I think you did a good job @Roger.Wilco
If you want still more pop, you probably need to remove colors and/or contrast in the rest of the picture :man_shrugging: Here is an illustration…

1X1A7276.CR3.xmp (17.2 KB)

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Maybe mask based on chroma intensity tuned to exclude all but the rainbow and bump saturation?

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My version…

1X1A7276.CR3.xmp (13.5 KB)


Camera which is a R6mk2 saves in Canon standard RAW format. I don’t use the newer compressed C-RAW format. Let me know if you need verification of any of the camera menu settings.

Thanks - I will review your xmp. The rainbow is more distinctive where purple has been toned down, a lighter (aqua) blue and a definitive red. Thanks for the pointers.

Wow - that does “pop”! The purple to blue to green to yellow to red is also more even and closer to how it was. I will review your xmp. Thanks for the suggestion.

I’ll need to read a bit more regarding chroma & masks and play with this. Thanks for the hint.


1X1A7276.CR3.xmp (13.4 KB)
My attempt, mostly added a bit of color contrast with a mask. DT 4.5.0+787~gaf0975cca0


Thanks for your reply.
I am curious as to why Filmulator does not like the images from your camera, whilst other software appears to have no problem.
This morning I tried all your Play Raw’s from this camera and the result was the same for all.

Unfortunately it will require someone with far more expertise than me to solve the mystery!

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Filmulator doesn’t like my Nikon 7100 either. At least last time I tried it didn’t - but I assumed it was just a known unsupported model. Didn’t look into it I must confess. @CarVac would know I imagine!

My suggestion is to open a ticket on Github. You’re welcome to reference any of my Play_Raw’s in the ticket. If I’m made aware of the ticket - I’ll keep monitoring and if they need Camera settings or other information I’ll be happy to provide.

UPDATE: Seems to be a very common complaint going back to 2020 and the R5, R6, R6mk2.
There is also a forum discussion about out of date exiftool for ART here: False color Canon CR3 file (ART 1.8.2)

I wouldn’t know how to raise a ticket on Github. On the rare occasions I have followed a link to that site I have found it totally incomprehensible!