The Open Source Photography Course


The Open Source Photography Course

A chance to win a free copy

Photographer Riley Brandt recently released his Open Source Photography Course. I managed to get a little bit of his time to answer some questions for us about his photography and the course itself. You can read the full interview right here:

A Q&A with Photographer Riley Brandt

As an added bonus just for PIXLS.US readers, he has gifted us a nice surprise!

Did Someone Say Free Stuff?

Riley went above and beyond for us. He has graciously offered us an opportunity for 2 readers to win a free copy of the course (one in an open format like WebM/VP8, and another in a popular format like MP4/H.264)!

For a chance to win, I’m asking you to share a link to this post on:

with the hashtag #PIXLSGiveAway (you can click those links to share to those networks). Each social network counts as one entry, so you can triple your chances by posting across all three.

Next week (Monday, 2015-07-20 Wednesday, 2015-07-22 to give folks a full week), I will search those networks for all the posts and compile a list of people, from which I’ll pick the winners (using Make sure you get that hashtag right! :)

Some Previews

Riley has released three nice preview videos to give a taste of what’s in the courses:

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isnt this site about open source photography?
I think its a great site to show photographers that they dont need adobe products.
So why can I only win in proprietary networks like facebook, twitter and google+?
(I think I know the answer already, but your target group is more likely in an opensource aware cummunity)
I would love to spread the hashtag on the decentralized/opensource network like Diaspora.
I think I will do it anyway, because it seems for a good thing. :wink:

Sorry for my bad english, but its not my mothertounge.

Keep up your good work! Its appreciated.

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@Mondayman You are 100% correct! I will absolutely honor any entries at Diaspora that I can find! :slight_smile:

I wish we were in a world where something like diaspora gave us a reach to a large audience (particularly the target demographic of photographers who might consider a f/oss workflow)…

Also, if anyone wants to post to a blog or other means, just let me know about it here in this thread and I will add it to the list for entry!

Thanks, that is very nice of you.

By the way I am in
The one in green. :wink:

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Ah, see - there’s a problem right there… I can’t search across all pods for a tagged post? This is the closest thing I could fine that hopefully works?

True, its not ideal.
I heard that friendica has a way better handling with the pods.
Connections with diaspora are possible. (but never tried it, I am too lazy)
Some time ago you even could connect your facebook acount with friendica, but that is not what facebook wants, so…

But anyway, for the pod there are now a #pixlsgiveaway, #pixlsus and a #pixls tag.

I hope to use it more often. :wink:

Seems that new users cant upload pictures… …so I have no evidence for you, sorry.

But I doubt that you can see the posts without an account.

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I believe you ;). I’ve also set your account to basic member - you should be able to post images now if you’d like…

Sure. thanks.