The Quiraing, Isle of Skye

One of my favourite “features” of this forum are the Play Raws, so I’ve finally decided to share one of my own.

This was taken with my D700 in 2016, and was originally edited in Lightroom. I’ve actually revisited it several times with different tools and its part of the reason I settled on darktable in the open source world of image editing.

Here I present my original Lightroom edit, as well as another new darktable interpretation from this morning. I’m afraid the xmp may not be all that useful without the LUTs I’ve been using, but basically the idea is use the lut3D and colour balance modules to mimic my established video workflow in Resolve. Questions about this are more than welcome of course.

Original edit:

This mornings edit:

_DSC1928.NEF (14.1 MB)
_DSC1928.NEF.xmp (45.9 KB)

This file is licensed Creative Commons, By-Attribution, Share-Alike.


Gimp 2.10.14


Lovely landscape, I gave it more of a sunny feel.

quiraing-_DSC1928.NEF.pp3 (11.7 KB)
RawTherapee 5.8

Thanks for posting this shot,
DT 3.2.1

_DSC1928.NEF.xmp (5.5 KB)

Very nice image. I have been there years ago and it is one of the most impressive landscapes I have ever seen. Just beautiful!

Here’s my take using RT and Gimp. I exagerated on purpose to give it an almost painted feel.


Great view! Thanks a lot for sharing

RT 5.8 dev and GIMP “Heal Selection” to remove people

_DSC1928_RT-1.jpg.out.pp3 (17.0 KB)

Nice landscape!

Darktable (3.2.1) - simple and quick edit:

the.quaraing.dt.xmp (8.9 KB)

RawTherapee (5.8) - B&W edit:

the.quaraing.rt.pp3 (13.9 KB)

Thanks for sharing.


_DSC1928.NEF.xmp (9.7 KB)

_DSC1928.jpg.out.pp3 (14.1 KB)

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You missed one :wink:

OMG you are right! Left side underneath the rocks :sunglasses:
He / she must have been camouflaged during my search! :lying_face:

So you missed two because I meant this one :wink:

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there’s three more silhouettes on the horizon near the centre of image too I believe.


DT 3.2.1

_DSC1928.NEF.xmp (11,0 KB)

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Just for fun … all five (?) remaining removed

Edit: there has been a sensor spot!



_DSC1928_a.jpg.pfi (53.5 KB)

GIMP (2.10.20) - artistic edit.

Tried to do 2 things here:

  1. Change the scenery from spring green to autumn orange/brown
  2. Incorporate an overall 60-70’s film look-and-feel.

About the spring green: This is how it looked like mid of may 2010 (though from much larger distance)

Edit: camera was also D700, lens was Nikkor AIS 2.8/24mm, probably the same as in op (at least RT shows MF 24mm/2.8 for the NEF from op)…

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_DSC1928.jpg.out.arp (10.8 KB)


This does line up with my thoughts that most of the edits here (including my own dt edit) are a tad(?) too green/saturated and what gave me the idea to try an autumn look.

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