The screw and the night sky.

I like your edition, congratulations

How cool, it really seems, I like it.

Thank you for sharing your vision of photography

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Interesting proposal, although to my liking the color temperature is very high, grateful

Fence, now I do not remember the WB I use, I think it was about 3500. You liked the edition very well.

@Salvador_Calero Welcome to the forum!

It is an interesting image. It has a surreal graphic look to it. (None of the edits look “realistic” per se.)

Two suggestions

1 Edit your opening post to include your edit in post #3. That way visitors can see a preview of your image in the #processing:playraw category.

2 It is our habit to license the raw file. Licensing helps us respect the author and also protect the community. See PlayRaw stuff to keep in mind.

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A different editing:

RT 5.6: Tornillo y el Cielo.png.out.pp3 (11.5 KB)

It’s interesting how hard the shadows are in this twilight image…


Beautiful photograph, there is not much to edit really. :slight_smile:



Hello @afre I hope I made the changes correctly, tell me if it is correct or not to modify it, regards.

That is due to the reflection of the crescent moon, which helped me to light the stage, greetings

Thank you

Wonderful! Now we can see the beautiful preview. See:

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darktable (2.6.2): Tornillo y el Cielo.PEF.xmp (2.6 KB)


Very nice shot @Salvador_Calero, welcome to the forum!
Here is an attempt using RawTherapee 5.6.

Tornillo y el Cielo.jpg.out.pp3 (13.1 KB)


I love those magenta tones, and the darkening of the top of the sky is bright, thanks for the editing.

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+1 with Jonas :slight_smile:
Nice shot, here is a colder try.

Tornillo y el Cielo.PEF.xmp (7,1 Ko)


My edit. Good capture with a well exposed image, and man is that lens sharp wide open for an ultrawide zoom lens.

Edit: Here is the sidechain file: Tornillo y el Cielo.PEF.pp3 (11.8 KB)

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Fantastic editions, I really like your editions and your point of view. I have a question, how can I use pp3 to see it in DT, thanks

That is not possible. These sidcar files are for RawTherapee.

I know, but I thought there would be some way to convert it to .xml, thanks anyway