thumbnails not displayed

I have a problem with RPD that I can’t solve. When I run RPD, it doesn’t show any thumbnails. Sometimes when I run it a second or a third time, it shows some thumbnails, but never all of them.
I am under opensuse tumbleweed. I have read and reread the log several times, but I have not found anything that would give a clue. I searched all the issues on Github to see if this case had already been handled, but I didn’t find anything. I’ve also searched the internet quite a bit, but I haven’t found any other instances of the same problem either.
While writing this message I discovered that the problem was known ([SOLVED]Lost thumbnails in RPD interface) However, after examining my system it turns out that PyQT5 and PyQT5-sip are well installed. :

pip install PyQt5
Defaulting to user installation because normal site-packages is not writeable
Requirement already satisfied: PyQt5 in /usr/lib64/python3.10/site-packages (5.15.7)
Requirement already satisfied: PyQt5-sip<13,>=12.11 in /usr/lib64/python3.10/site-packages (from PyQt5) (12.11.0)

What else can I do to fix this problem?

The best thing to do will be to open a bug report, following these steps to attach the log files. (If you have 0.9.33, it will create a compressed tar, which you will need to be able to upload it to GitHub, because GitHub does not accept regular tar files.)

Unfortunately, I’m not doing any coding at all these days due to a hand injury I picked up while walking on the code earlier this year. But it is still worthwhile to file the report.