Tree, lights and clouds

RAW: tree.clouds.light.rw2 (18.8 MB)
License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Main processing done with the latest development version of RawTherapee (sidecar) and some post processing done with Krita (4.4.3)

You’ll have to forgive me for the dirty sensor. I brought the camera in for cleaning this morning (I’m going to be without my trusty compact companion for 2-3 weeks… :cry:).

Anyway, have fun Play Raw-ing with this one.


Beautiful image! It didn’t need much in the way of editing.

dt 3.4.1

tree.clouds.light.rw2.xmp (9.0 KB)


Exact same workflow as Show me your artistic face! - #17 by afre. Interesting right?

Raw PhotoFlow.
Play G'MIC.


Thanks for posting
darktable 3.4.1

tree.clouds.light_01.rw2.xmp (26.0 KB)


I do like more the thunderstorm version (Darktable 3.5)

tree.clouds.light.rw2.xmp (15.3 KB)


tree.clouds.light.rw2.xmp (22.8 KB)


Thanks for sharing, I want to be there, right now!

Photoflow, exposure increase, chromatic aberrations, noise reduction, dynamic range compression, tone mapping, sharpening, curves @ 75% multiply mode, color correction (high chroma mask → plants), curves (low chroma mask → clouds), colorspace conversion.

tree.clouds.light.pfi (44.4 KB)

EDIT: there was an issue with my first upload, now mitigated.


@dirksagwitz and @Thomas_Do : Those are very nice edits.

Is it just me or does it seem that most of the darktable edits have a lack of/problem with sharpness? Don’t get me wrong, the dt versions aren’t not sharp, but they seem to lack crispness. I also believe that this “issue” has been talked about before, can’t find that topic though.

@afre : The differences are indeed interesting. Just had a look at your second Show me your artistic face edit, which , like this one and your 2nd Sunset on Brusvikken, is velvety soft. It does seem though that the process you are using comes to its full potential when the light is low(er) and the dynamic range is limited, as is the case in the Brusvikken image.

I think the rawtherapee sharpness algorithms may have a slight advantage over darktable.
Personally, I’ve been trying to be a little more restrained with artificial “sharpness” lately, because in my eyes, it makes the images look less natural. As opposed to real sharpness, which then actually contains more detail.


Do you mean this one ? Rawtherapee seems by far sharper than darktable

Sharpening is one of the features where dt needs a bit of extra care. Animals fur e.g. looks a bit scruffy if you carelessly sharpen with contrast equalizer.


I fully agree with that statement and I don’t like over-sharpened images either.

If I compare the above images, however, I do seem to notice a lack of “natural” sharpness in. especially, the tree canopy. That’s why I mentioned this to begin with.

@pass712 : Yep, that’s the one. Thanks.

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@pass712 not only animals are looking easily “overdone”. I am reducing the contrast equalizer sharpening effect almost all the times to 0.25 or below because otherwise it looks much too unnatural. The sharpening module gives much better results … even if it should not be used in scene referred workflow.


I mentioned this before elsewhere: to me, RT provides more direct controls while dt is more conservative. Personally, I like the former, just as I like driving older cars where the gas and brake curves are more linear.

Interested to know what resolution and dimensions your screen are? This can have a noticeable impact on how we perceive sharpness, and something over sharpened on one screen might look under on another.

In terms of tools, dt is missing capture sharpening from rt, which makes all the difference. It is coming. I was hoping by 3.6 but that now seems unlikely. The details mask in dt 3.6 should help give a little more control in the meantime.

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Just for fun try the deblur presets…They do a nice job and I think its the use of the edges curve that produces a nicer application…


I mainly use a BenQ PD2500Q with 2k resolution for editing. I doubt that the effect of “oversharpening” is related to the resolution but probably I should use more masks in editing my images which until now I didn’t use very often.

Yes your monitor doesn’t sound like the issue here.

tree.clouds.light.rw2.xmp (12.5 KB)


@dirksagwitz I agree, to me the, the sharpen module generates a more pleasing impression of sharpness for small scale detail and less noise than using contrast equaliser, even if it is not recommended for a scene referred work flow. Sometimes you just have to do what looks best.

PhotoFlow => GIMP_LAB