Twined/rattan/wicker Shell.

Thanks for the words, samj. No, I used the manual method since I used g’mic>distort ripple (triangle) both in horizontal then vertical (reversed it after apply super pixel). I reversed it by flip vertical then flip horizontal running both the triangle ripple at same settings (just easier than figuring offsets). Found a better way since by just flipping 45 degrees and reversing it by flipping 180 degrees and flipping back. Haven’t show that result yet and it also doesn’t give such a tight squeeze, but I thing I can work around that issue. Yes; still playing. lol

There’s so many options with wicker that the sky’s the limit. The trick is to find reversible distortion techniques to get the various patterns. For the horizontal/vertical render, I did increase the canvas size (transparent background and centered) and once recovered, I copied the original on to to auto-crop. Doing this gets rid of edge fringing effects mostly (not all the way). I probably should call this render burlap bag. lol

Well, it’s my Friday, so soon I’ll be heading off for my final 10 hour. You have a great day, samj. :slight_smile:

For fun here are 2 reversible distortions with the ‘Ripple’ Filter :

Amplitude=10 # <50
ripple $Amplitude,20,2,0,0
# fx_polka_dots 80,20,50,50,0,0.5,0.1,0.6,255,0,0,255
ripple $Amplitude,20,2,0,$Amplitude

ripple $Amplitude,20,0,0,0
# fx_polka_dots 80,20,50,50,0,0.5,0.1,0.6,255,0,0,255
ripple -$Amplitude,20,0,0,0


Don’t know how to run them in GIMP’s G’MIC. Tried copying these in the script box withing the GIMP G’MIC plugin but it doesn’t run. Still, I trust the result looks cool, samj. :slight_smile:



I added an interface with negative values in your folder.
It will allow you, if you use it, to have negative values to facilitate reverse operations

Here is the effects illustrated.
Between the 2 effects you can put the filter you want.


Good stuff; again, thanks a heap, samj. Just got back from a birthday lunch (last week was my b’day; my friend took me out today). Ate too much at Cracker Barrel. lol

Anyway, all of your efforts are much appreciated. :slight_smile:

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I guess the updated ripple hasn’t replicated yet; did a G’MIC refresh but it’s not showing up yet. Just fyi. :slight_smile:

Happy belated birthday @lylejk!

Thanks, paperdigits. I’m getting older for sure but unfortunately not wiser. lol


You can try to update your G’MIC filters because ‘ripple’ is present:
Filters > G’MIC > Testing > Lylejk > Lylejk ripple

Just tried again but still no ripple. I’m currently running G’MIC_QT 2.2.0. Not sure if I have the latest version of GIMP G’MIC. :slight_smile:


That’s right, updates to this version do not work well…
Try the latest version.

I’ll update soon, samj. Anyway, still, my binge continues.


More Rattan than Wicker. lol

Of course, what do I know. lol



I added a filter in your folder, an example rendering with ‘Lylejk_Ribbon + Blend Seamless’.


Have the latest release (G’MIC 2.20); did an update but still don’t see it, samj. Oh well. Also deleted the update220.gmic file and ran updates but only received the files as I outlined before. :slight_smile:

OK; I had G’MIC 2.2.0 and had no idea 2.2.2 was the current version. lol

Downloading now; connection to is slow. I’ll let you know if this addresses your preset showing or not. :slight_smile:

Indeed, that is what the issue was. I see all the presets you created now, samj. Again, thanks a heap. :slight_smile:

Carnival Tapestry

Again, thanks for the new ribbon preset samj. Used that along with a texture blend to get the result shown below. :slight_smile:


This is just an attempt to make a fabric texture.


Definitely looks more fabricy, samj. Well, about to leave for another 10 hour shift. Again, thanks for automating this. :slight_smile:

Wicker Doll


I actually recently tried to break this binge, but Pat reeled me back in. lolol