Two of my favorite

Vancouver approaching the evening. Might have used polarizing filter on this one.

Evening in Paris. For this one I used maybe 10 pictures and combined them in Hugin (averaging). This is why there are so many lights on the tower :grinning:
I remember I was on such a hurry for this one - barely managed to put the tripod on. I think even the ISO was higher but as soon as I noticed that there is something on the screen I kept shooting.
Only after I combined the images the complete picture was revealed.

Used Canon 70D with 18-135 STM
Processed in Darktable with addition of Hugin for the Paris one.


I especially like the Vancouver image. This looks like such a calm, beautiful evening.
Well done, and thanks for sharing!
What do you think a polarizer would have done to enhance this specific picture?

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Just be aware that copyright is claimed for the lighting on the Eiffel Tower (the tower itself is in the public domain). Although that copyright claim hasn’t been tested yet, afaik… (and to be complete, copyright doesn’t cover you taking an image, only publishing is involved).

It is actually illegal to show it yes. so I would recommend removing the 2nd image.


Bad information, pervasive on English-speaking sites.

This guy is definitely closer to the truth. In short and in English:

  • The actual copyright owner is the company that commissioned the work: The Société d’Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel.
  • They only require the pictures to be accompanied by the mention: “© SETE - Illuminations Pierre Bideau”

It seems to be a bit more complicated than that (according to wikipedia
E.g. this quote from the director of the copyright holder:

“It is really just a way to manage commercial use of the image, so that it isn’t used in ways [of which] we don’t approve”

Also this page from the official Eiffel tower website seems to say that non-professional use does not require permission.

That certainly does not seem to be the case for professional use… (but that only concerns the illumination, not the tower itself, which is free to use, French law not recognising “public domain” the same way e.g. the USA does).

But in the end, if you really need to publish such an image and want to be sure, talk to a lawyer or “SETE”. There are too many subleties involved otherwise. And I didn’t want to spawn a legal discussion here, just a heads-up that there are limitations with this kind of images (as with any image of recent buildings/art work). And those limitations have limitations (I hope you like recursion :P)

It darkened a bit the top right blue corner. I was shooting with a friend and I believe I borrowed his filter. But there were few pictures so I don’t remember everything :grinning:

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Thank you All!
I haven’t sold the picture so it is give or take a personal use. I did hear about claim on lighting for some places like

But I was never concerned as it is for personal use.

And I can include
“© SETE - Illuminations Pierre Bideau”

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