Unable to launch latest Windows nightly build

I’m getting the following error when I try to launch the latest nightly.


Also found the same problem trying to run the latest optimized Ryzen build: ART_master_1.4.1-42-g5e0af9abd_W64_Znver2_200719.7z

As I’ve just upgraded my PC to a Ryzen system, I would also like to know how the optimized Ryzen build differs, is it just faster?

Ping @gaaned92

From my experience, you just need to search the missing library in ‘path_to/msys64\mingw64\lib’ and copy it where ART is installed. The issue was discussed for RT on the forum, a dependency was added to another package for this library and now it is needed…

That’s what I did and it worked. I had msys installed for github bash.

Sorry for my ignorance, but can you tell me where to find that?

Regarding libssp-0.dll: it is belongs to package
gcc-libs and was not required before gcc10. I will add it.
launching the builds now
edit : updated builds uploaded

The znver2 build uses the -march=znver2 tag. It is in principle optimised for ryzen architecture. A specific list of tags is thus used to adapt code to the peculiar architecture and operation sets. The list of tags generated is given in the readme alongside the builds. I cannot go really further in the explanation.
The best is to benchmark on your PC against a generic build. It should be faster.

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Thanks a lot for the help and info!

If you have MSYS2 installed you should find the path I mention in the MSYS2 installation folder.
Otherwise, you are most likely better using the new build from @gaaned92

I uploaded the file at https://keybase.pub/gaaned92/ART-W64NightlyBuilds/libssp-0.dll

Is there anybody what this file from the gcc-libs package is for?

I found the problem first time here:

The package mingw-w64-x86_64-cairo-1.16.0-3 was updated in july and now libcairo-2.dll requires libssp-0.dll