Use your photo camera as a webcam .... on linux of course.

For openSUSE users @Marcus_Meissner already submitted a small script in the gphoto2-webcam package. For Tumbleweed it is already part of the distribution. For older distributions see


Of course it is worth mentioning … if you have an UVC/UAC compliant HDMI grabber and hook up your camera via HDMI to that, it will show up as a video4linux device directly and you don’t even need gphoto2+ffmpeg.

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That is really nice but we also have to keep that in mind that using a dslr as our webcam needs a very strong internet connection for smooth buffer less video calling experience. Also form the other side the person I am talking with also has to have a very strong internet to receive the video quality I am offering. I think with average internet connection is will not be possible. Is it?.