Volterra, Italy

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DT 3.0 , Thanks for sharing

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This would be interesting to glitch given its composition. I’d like to see @Joan_Rake1 take.

EDIT: TODO: Break image.

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@Joan_Rake1 Majority filter with neon filter? I was expecting something different, but I like that take.

Had to decide if I go fo rshadow enhancements or a more natural look. I took the natural one:

P1000689.RW2.xmp (9.6 KB, dt3.1)

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Beautiful location and nicely captured.

Majority filter with neon filter? I was expecting something different, but I like that take.

It’s actually a new detail enhancement script I came up with after having a look at one of garagecoder’s.

Nice shot. I cropped a bit.

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Really nice picture @age

This is my first semi serious try with ART, thank you @agriggio

The perspective correction and a way to remove a bit of bluish color cast on the side of the church are really really nice.

I think a bit of a darkening-contrast curve on the upper left side of the photo could have been nice (is there a way to do so apart from Gimp?)

I do miss a bit capture sharpening, i was starting to really enjoy it on rt :joy:

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RT 5.7 + Gimp

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Sure, there are many… e.g. color correction or local contrast

for basic usage, RL deconvolution sharpening in ART is not very far from capture sharpening. ART has no corner boost yet, but it will be available in 1.1 (I hope)

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darktable 3.0.0

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My attempt using ART.

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Here is my (rather late) attempt with PhotoFlow:

P1000689-af.jpg.pfi (27.8 KB)

What I have used:

  • shadows/highlights to compress the dynamic range
  • tone mapping + RGB curves to re-introduce some contrast
  • enhanced USM sharpening
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Most if not all of the entries have sharpening. My problem with them is that it doesn’t seem distributed naturally: some areas are super crunchy whereas others are soft and pasty (e.g., left wall in front of vine growth).

Fantastic shot and location. Do you happen to have the address, or geo location? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Although I have been downloading and playing with Play Raw images I never uploaded anything. So this will be my first contribution…

darktable 3.0.0

volterra.italy.panasonic.dc-lx100m2.rw2.xmp (7.6 KB)