voronoi: does it work?

Tried voronoi having in input a net of black dots over a white background.
I always got a Gimp error while calling an operation on the drawable.
The operation is different is the output is:

  • in place
  • new layer
  • new image
    But in any case the G’mic filter aborted.
    Anyone could try?

In case of output on place the gimp error says:
GIMP Error
Calling error for procedure ‘gimp-drawable-merge-shadow’:
Procedure ‘gimp-drawable-merge-shadow’ has been called with an invalid ID for argument ‘drawable’. Most likely a plug-in is trying to work on a layer that doesn’t exist any longer.

Forgot to say that the “preview” is OK.

No one is willing to double-check whether the G’mic Voronoi filter does or not work in a Gimp+G’mic environment? Thanks.

I’m sure someone will, but you need to relax and be patient. People have jobs, families, etc etc.

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I’ve not been able to break it on gimp 2.10.22 and g’mic 2.9.4 on linux. I did several tests applying it (not just preview) with image selections, alpha, etc. but nothing went wrong. Does this happen with a particular image? Maybe you have an example?

Thanks Garagecoder for your tests.
It should be a problem in the interface between G’mic and Gimp in a Windows environment.
If some Windows user (Samj?) can do the same test, I could have a better picture of this problem.
Thanks again. Regards

addendum: it happens to me using any image (my test was to see how voronoi develops a set of points, but also on a common image I get the same error)

I’m using last Samj’s package for Windows (2.10.23) and updated G’mic to 2.9.5_pre#210114

I tested with Krita on Windows x64 using G’MIC 2.9.5, Voronai works.

Thanks for your feedback.

At this point I can only wait on Sylvie (Samj)

Just tested on Gimp 2.10.21 with G’MIC 2.9.2 on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
and Voronoi works as expected…

I confirm it works also with 2.9.5_pre#210114, on Ubuntu 20.04.

So this apparently confirms the problem lies in the interface G’mic>Gimp under Windows.
Waiting to see whether Sylvie (I’m using Samj’s package) has the problem or not.

Thanks for testing Magdesign and David

Asked a Gimpchat collegue to test in an environment similar to mine (Samj) and there it works, hence it’s my environment the problem.
Sorry and thanks for all your contributions.

To complete my info.
Re-downloaded/re-installed last Samj’s package.
Updated the G’mic to the last release.
OK, Voronoi works !!!
I should have done something wrong in doing those steps previously.
Sorry for this non-existent problem and thanks again for your help.
Topic closed.
I didn’t find a way to add “closed” to the topic.

And don’t use old “user.gmic” files. The old code in those files can conflict with the newer G’MIC code. (I just made that mistake :wink:).

If it isn’t active, then it is already closed, or you could change your topic title or tags to include solved or something like that.

For those who could be interested I found why my Gimp-Gmic system doesn’t (didn’t) properly execute Voronoi.
It is because the filter name is defined with the last character in the name which does not appear as a normal i but as an i with a diaeresis on top.
Replacing this definition with a normal i it runs.
I don’t know why my system does not accept that special character.

Interesting, you should try “Tower of Hanoï” too.

There was just a message that a certain linux screensaver could be crashed by typing “ē”.