What happend with my Dual ISO files and darktable?

(Peter) #1

I checked some pictures from 2015 and I found two issues.

  1. corrupt “boxes”
  2. Couldn’t match white balance or something like that

I copied the raw files into an new folder so that not the cache would interrupt, but same.
I opened the raw files with RawTherapee with no issues.

_MG_9400.DNG (24.1 MB)
_MG_9395.DNG (22.0 MB)
_MG_9401.DNG (22.4 MB)

(darix) #2

Which camera? Are those DNG generated by the camera or converted?

(Roel) #3

This might be related to this bug report

I hope the developers will attack the underlying issue at some point.

(Peter) #4

Canon 6D and Dual ISO. Most of the pictures are shot at ISO 100/800 so the half raw file is 100 and the other half 800. Then I convert CR2 to DNG with cr2hdr and merge ISO 100 and ISO 800. https://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=7139.0

First time I got an issue with this.

(Roman Lebedev) #5

Can you please try opening them in older darktable (2.2.5)?
Make sure to do so from new user, else you will have problems with DB versions.

Yes, it might. I’m working on that one…

(Peter) #6

It will take a while before I get back to the computer. A day or three.

(Peter) #7

I downloaded 2.2.5 for OSX and tried. Worked. Easier than to create a new user on my Ubuntu machine.

(Roman Lebedev) #8

Ok, that is good, thanks for testing!