What happened with the OBS builds?

I have set up my system to receive the daily updates of darktable master (4.1) from OBS. I’m on Linux Mint 20.3, so basically Ubuntu 20.04. I haven’t got any new updates since some time last week, and when I go to the download page on OBS I see this:

So aren’t builds for Ubuntu 20.04 done anymore? The git897.xxx mentioned is the one I have now.

ubuntu 20.04/openSUSE Leap 15.3 has a cmake, which is not recent enough anymore for the version required by the rawspeed devs:

[  308s] CMake Error at src/external/rawspeed/CMakeLists.txt:1 (cmake_minimum_required):
[  308s]   CMake 3.18 or higher is required.  You are running version 3.17.0

Ok, thanks. Guess it’s time to upgrade, maybe.

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Hi! Thanks again for building darktable on OBS for us!

This is only somewhat related (OBS & darktable, but not Debian):

Does OBS have support for building Fedora 37 packages yet?

Fedora 37 was officially released today (but was in beta for a while). Neither the rawhide nor the Fedora 36 packages of darktable on OBS are currently installable, due to a different version of libavif; the Fedora 36 version is too low and the rawhide version is too high:

  - nothing provides libavif.so.15()(64bit) needed by darktable-4.1.0~git1016.0a9aca6b-8586.1.x86_64
ls /usr/lib64/libavif.so.*
/usr/lib64/libavif.so.14@  /usr/lib64/libavif.so.14.0.1

Rebuilding the src.rpm from either doesn’t work either (at least on my system).

Additionally, graphics:darktable:stable is on F35 (the other two are on F36 and rawhide as the latest).

Thanks again, @darix for building darktable on OBS, and also thanks in advance!

Hi Garret,

Fedora 37 hasn’t been imported into the OBS yet.

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It is now :wink:

can you maybe update the repository list in the subprojects?


@LebedevRI is the drop of support for ubuntu 20.04 on purpose? It is now blocked by the bump to the cmake version.

(weird, i’m again having to reply the second time. somehow the first post got eaten.)

Not in the sense that not supporting that distro was the goal, no.

ubuntu 20.04 is at 3.16.3. openSUSE Leap 15.3 at 3.17.0

Not related to the issue here, but fyi the builds for *ubuntu 22.04 works fine also on newer 22.10 which is not present yet in obs.

Well we have to be patient and wait for a better day… :slight_smile:

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I’ve added Fedora 37.


Great news. Thanks a lot.!!!

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Ubuntu 22.10 has been added to.

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@asn , @darix , anyone, I just confirmed to myself that I can’t build DT any more on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS due to the cmake 3.18 version.
This is a real pain for people like me for whom upgrading the OS is time consuming and a risk and utterly unwelcome. Also Ubuntu 22 is relatively new and probably still settling down.
If I understand correctly, cmake is the compiler and some tools. Is it really necessary to go to a new version for rawspeed? I’m guessing the rest of DT can still be built using cmake 3.16.3.
Is it possible we can ask the relevant devs for a rawspeed that still builds with 3.16.3?

relatively new … 22.04 is over 6 months out … that is not new anymore. also it was not us who changed the code. so not sure why you address us.

The LTS is from ubuntu, not from anyone who happens to make an application.

If you want to ask, then ask. Don’t ask to ask and don’t ask someone else to do it for you.

Push come to shove, you can build a flatpak, appimage, or maybe a snap.

I was asking here because this affects DT users here, and was hoping to get some feel for what might be possible. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with asking to ask, it can also be called discussion.

I’ve created an Issue - The change to needing cmake 3.18 prevents building darktable under Ubuntu 20.04 · Issue #400 · darktable-org/rawspeed · GitHub
Is that a suitable place?


Btw, you can equally ask Ubuntu why they didn’t backport at least 3.18.4 from impish to focal-updates/focal-backports since Debian 10 has it backported already, and so does Debian 11…

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