Why no recent articles in 'Blog'?

Or, as posted under ‘Meta’ in March '22: “PIXLS Articles and Blog could use new entries…”

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Writing is difficult and time is extremely limited.


you just volunteered to provide a blog post for the site. I look forward to your contribution!


Be cruel and add an expected deadline… :slight_smile:


There are users here that are blogging!

(And this is mine, started recently so just 2 posts currently)


all of you can also blog on our site. juuuuuust saying.


I wouldn’t mind cross posting, but I feel strongly about keeping information decentralized and having somewhere centralized for things I write (because I plan on writing about other things than darktable/photography)

@LateJunction and everyone else as well. Let us know if we should do an introduction session on “How to use Hugo?” “How to contribute to the pixls.us website?” to bring you up to speed and help writing you content faster. :slight_smile:

Nobody needs to know how to use Hugo. Write your post in markdown. That is it.

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Are there details somewhere on how to contribute? Do I email something to someone etc.? And can it be a duplicate of what I’ve already posted on my blog?

ok Mica is doing the hugo port. got it :wink:

You can make a pull request against GitHub - pixlsus/website: The PIXLS.US website

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Gave it a try! Darktable pastel tutorial by Nishchal Bhandari by nishchalb · Pull Request #84 · pixlsus/website · GitHub


Awesome thanks!