[Win64] RawTherapee 5.3 Release Candidate 1 for testing



see above : just add the camera model DMC-FZ1000 to lens model and it should be auto matched.

The lens maker model is only used in the lens list presentation. But I agree that it is weird for fixed lens camera to have 2 different maker (even if it is strictly true)
I keep trace of these modifications that I will be incorporate in next windows builds. Also in touch with lensfun team.

(Morgan Hardwood) #62

Is it possible to create a new user lensfun file where such corrections can be made, so as to avoid editing the official lensfun DB files? e.g. if the lensfun DB is in
can a user create
with the required corrections? Or would a generic
be possible?
And how should RT find it?

I ask because it’s not a good idea to ask users to edit system lensfun DB files, at least not in Linux.

(Alberto) #63

If you are using the default search algorithm of lensfun, you should be able to add your own lens profiles in $HOME/.local/share/lensfun (or something like that). That would not work for bundle installs which use their own copy of the lensfun DB though. But perhaps in these cases it is acceptable that the user edits the DB directly?

(Morgan Hardwood) #64

@agriggio thank you, based on this I documented Lensfun:

Feel free to add or correct anything.