Windows 64 build with integration of lensfun

Thanks to hard work of @agriggio, lensfun is making its way in Rawtherapee.
If you want to test, you can find at development build integrating lensfun.

Rawpedia will be updated accordingly.


Great news! Thanks @gaaned92 and @agriggio

However, I think I found a bug, sorry for that :slight_smile:

I’m using dynamic profiles. And here the problem occurs.

The 1st profile is some kind of default w/o camera and w/o lens. This profile is setup for automatic camera and lens detection.

The result of the lens profile setting is like this:

As this lens is not a Nikon but a Tamron lens, I switch to manual and select the lens.

As I want to do this via a dynamic profile I add a 2nd profile where I just switch the lens profile section in the following way

LFLens=Tamron …

However, the lens profile block gets fully cleared and then has just these two settings. The autodetection from the previous profile is completely lost.

I do the same with my ISO profiles, just switching single fields in the profile. And this works perfectly.

So it would be nice, if the pure existence of the [LensProfile] section would only touch the fields, which are listed in that block.

BTW, if I load this partial profile manually it works as expected.

Regards, Karlheinz

On the contrary, you should be proud :wink: We rely on users to report bugs and help us improve RT, for the benefit of everybody.

In this case, however, I’m not sure I’d call it a bug. If you turn off auto matching, you are expected to provide both a camera and a lens. A lens alone is not sufficient. Did you try adding also the camera info? If that doesn’t work, then it’s definitely a bug (and in that case I’d appreciate if you could report it on github as well).

Any ideas why Auto-matched correction parameters not active and Manual correction parameters - there is no any cameras or lenses to choise?

Pentax K-5II + FA 50 1.4 + Windows 10 64 bit + plus latest RT build from (

2-157-gf6303099 - C__Users_vilma_Pictures_2017_2017-09-13_IMGP6709

looks like lensfun doesn’t find the lens database… I’ll take a look

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Hello @agriggio, ciao Alberto,

I have added a partial camera profile that it sets the manual mode, the maker and the model. Then it works. But 1st now I do no longer have the automatic mode and 2nd I always need a partial camera profile or a lens profile for each camera I can use it with …

However it works that way. But I still think it is an error, as it works w/o dynamic profile just by manually loading partial profiles. I guess, the fields are populated just before the screen appears the 2st time. That would explain why it works in manual mode, but not with dynamic profiles.

Regards, Karlheinz

@vilmantasr @ChasingShadows could you upload a photo at

@ChasingShadows I’m a bit confused, I think I don’t understand :frowning: Can you send me both the partial profile and the dynamic rule you are using? Thanks!

I’m seeing the same issue as @vilmantasr, no lensfun database, on a Win10 laptop. Common cameras and lenses, that are in the database, clean installation, the RT directory in AppData removed.

@vilmantasr thank you

@agriggio I tried to reproduce bug. I made following steps

  • suppress path to MSYS2
  • uninstall all previous rawtherapee versions
  • downloaded RT dev 5.2-157 from google drive and fresh install
  • test with my photos: ok
  • test with @vilmantasr photo: ok

@jacal can you access to data base in manual mode? Do you have an other lensfun database installed somewhere (for instance by another app)?

lensfun seems able to look for Database in different places:

  • %localappdata%/lensfun
  • locally in share/lensfun
  • perhaps also somewhere else (%programdata…)

It could be that some database be incompatible with the RT lensfun.dll version.

How to be sure that the good DB is accessed?

Can you try to copy the lensfun database (the .xml files) to %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\lensfun ?

Edit: @gaaned92 already wrote that. %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\lensfun is the same as %localappdata%\lensfun

I’m looking into this – I’ll let you know as soon as I have some more info

Nothing is available in manual mode. Multiple lensfun databases installed (3 x Gimp, 2 x darktable, Photivo, UFRaw …) in respective directories in Program Files, plus Photivo has it also in AppData. This is obviously crowded …

Here it definitely works with lensfun database in %localappdata%\lensfun

So does here!

FYI, I’m working on allowing RT to use its own “private” lensfun database

Wild guesses, but could it be that if it finds more than one DB then the DB-choosing logic fails, or maybe tries to load more items than can be loaded in a combobox?

@agriggio surely when I tested I had some lensfun DB laying somewhere without knowing!
But I still think at this time RT lensfun accessed …/share/lensfun, but I must be wrong!

If I am careful about that and suppress all lensfun DB existing here and there, effectively it seems own local DB is not accessed. still testing.

I much prefer RT lensfun uses its own private DB as otherwise there is the risk that some other app interfere or include incompatible data in a global DB. That’not good practice unless you are able to control the configuration of all apps.

I think it’s my fault.
I built an up to date lensfun version and linked it in a test version. I think this version acccess the DB in appdata.

When building dev branch, I forgot to come back to the MSYS2 lensfun version.
So I am rebuilding now to verify.

I just pushed a changeset that allows RT to use its own copy of the lensfun db. Here’s how it works. There’s a new config section in the options file:


If /path/to/lensfun/db is empty, the normal logic of lensfun is used to load the database (this is described at
Otherwise, the db is loaded from the given directory.

The default value for the config setting can be controlled at compile-time, by setting the cmake variable LENSFUNDBDIR:

$ cmake -DLENSFUNDBDIR=/path/to/default/lensfundbdir

If unset (the default), the empty path will be used. So, by default we have the current behaviour, that is lensfun does its own search system-wide.

At compile-time, /path/to/default/lensfundbdir can also be a relative path. In this case, it is interpreted relative to DATADIR. So, people building RT in “bundle mode” can also include a copy of the lensfun DB, to make sure there are no clashes with other versions/DBs in the system.

I hope this solves the issue. If not, please let me know (and open a bug report on github).