Windows build of R&Darktable....

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@afre thought I might post it as a new thread …

For what its worth here is a generic build of @aurelienpierre trimmed down fork of Darktable …currently known as R-Darktable…


It’s technically R&Darktable, but Github doesn’t allow it in repo URL and forces name == URL. Thanks for the build anyway !


do i need to uninstall my current stable build (3.8.1) before installing this?

quote - the “mouse over” event now does not select images for … deleting/moving files - unquote


Being very careful…I just installed it in a directory RDarktable and I use --configdir “C:\R-DTconfig” when I run it… I have only fired it up and poked around a bit… I can’t comment on performance or any other aspect…

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I changed it…

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Don’t install it in place of stable dt yet, I need to check a couple of things before and update the release tag. BTW it’s not stable yet

oh ok - will leave it for now then :slight_smile:

When I test anything like this. I am careful to work on a subset of images that I have backed up and I use the directed config location as described above and I turn off xmp writing. This way the edits are only in the database during testing and should not by accident or other misadventure mess anything up. For now it looks as if things are just being slimmed down and there is a new logo and icon…over time this will change. I only played with a couple of images last night. There were no issues but that is not much of a test and it was hard to say from that type of use if there were any tangible improvements wrt to speed and responsiveness… Just my 2 cents as I mentioned earlier worth much less now with inflation…

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That’s one thing I don’t have to worry about, messing things up because I don’t keep images in or use DT to organise etc… Anyways I’ve installed on Arch Linux and all seems well.

After reading What was removed from mainstream darktable I built it and have been using.
I have to say I might stick to this version :wink:

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Thanks for building and posting the link. I gave it a try on a virtual machine and have a feel for what AP is doing. I like the general direction, and hope he continues to make progress. Other than not showing exif data in thumbnail overlays, seems to be working well for a test in a vm. I’ll probably stick to the main release of dt for now, but this fork shows a lot of promise. As always, thank you AP for your efforts, as well as the rest of the dt developers.


The real leap will be the blending of the best parts of modern DT with the backbone that is VKDT and the potential there for performance and new features most notably the ability to do some nodal or parallel processing of input data… if those are the correct terms… In any case I just got a new PC so anything that takes advantage of the new hardware and gpu sounds interesting…

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That’s what I’m thinking, I’m all for the ‘do one task and do it well’ philosophy where possible so this suits me.

I just wanted to say kudos. @aurelienpierre the reasons for your fork make a lot of sense to me, and indeed the light table is faster on my end. It is darktable without a lot of stuff I didn’t need. Also, filmic v6 is great, and @Nilvus has made a lot of improvements to the grey theme! It is way easier to read and work with.

Looking forward to what vkdt will bring, but in the meantime I’ll enjoy R&Darktable!


I just saw something interesting on Windows 11,

I installed Todd’s build yesterday into C:\Program Files\R-darktable and configured it to use a like-named user folder (R-darktable) to avoid collisions with the mainstream version. Everything worked fine and they were independent of each other. Later, I upgraded the mainstream version to the latest weekly Windows dev build, letting it uninstall the previous dev version.

I later had to reboot once or twice due to an issue with my external monitor profile not loading (it is now) and after I was done I noticed the R-darktable shortcut pinned to the taskbar was a default white icon. Turns out the only thing left in C:\Program Files\R-darktable was uninstall.exe. Everything else was gone.

Is there any way the two installers could have interacted? I specifically altered all the paths I had access to for AP’s version. I could find no indication Windows, anti-virus, etc., had decided it was malware and took it out, nor anything else. Did it somehow get removed when the mainstream dev version was upgraded (difficult to imagine how).

Any ideas?

@lphilpot I always install versions in custom folders and delete older versions manually just to avoid those sort of issues.

@Dave22152 I did install it into its own custom folder, that’s why it’s strange. I just didn’t uninstall the mainstream version because I use it. On Windows I’ve found it’s typically better to let the installer remove old versions rather than potentially leave stuff stranded. I don’t think DT uses the Windows Registry (at least not in the usual places where I looked), but I thought I was being safe.

Then again, it’s possible there might be a totally unrelated cause. But I have no idea.

Any chance on a build for Mac?
Best regards to all,

From the readme:

MacOS tests have been removed because they fail at init time (so the software does not even have the opportunity to build). Since Mac is such a closed OS, it’s mostly impossible to debug anyway and there are many issues with OpenMP and Gtk anyway. Consider it unsupported.