would just like to put my custom curves back in gimp...but completely forgot the process

sorry, my topic basically states everything…very embassing, really.

Color > Curves?

yes, color curves - I know you can do this one at a time, but isn’t there an easier way? I seem to remember there was

…and yes, I do know this is a completely newbie question :roll_eyes:

Your question isn’t clear… Did you have the curve before?

very sorry! yes, I have a bunch of saved color curves in users/gimp2.8.22/curves - it’s just such a large amount, is there an easier way to put them back in?

isn’t there some installer I can download for this?

You know - I’ve never actually tried to bulk load color curves before…

Maybe @Ofnuts might have an idea?

lol, you would think it would be possible… :slight_smile: …I mean, I was so good this time, saving all of them (I lost all of the previous ones)! …but I made a huge batch more! lol

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oh well, one at a time, looks like :slight_smile:

I’ll try to look for a better solution, but for the moment one at a time sounds like the safest bet.

thanks :):grinning:

I don’t have experience with custom curves. Are they saved in a single directory? Could they be copied to a new one?

you save them in your users file (C/yourname/users/gimp2.8.22) one at a time, as they are made one at a time :slight_smile:

they are really fun to make, and there are various ways to make them

Do you mean you have certain curves in mind (not in files) and you would like a way to regenerate them quickly? If so, then yes, you would have to do them one at a time. Or, you could reduce your effort by creating a few generic ones on which you could modify in one or two steps during photo editing. Just a suggestion :slight_smile:.

well, mine are all pretty unique, so I’ll just do them one at a time, but thanks anyway :):smiley:

If you have created and saved curve presets under Gimp 2.8, you can easily use them under 2.9. Is that what you are asking?

On my Windows 8.1 laptop, I have directories:


Both directories contain a file called “gimp-curves-tool.settings”. This is a text file that describes the curves. I can copy curves from the 2.8 file and paste them into the 2.9 file.

(Obviously, backup both files first.)

Actually, acording to my wimpy pc, the most stable gimp is still 2.8.22 - which I’m good with, - I just did a small upgrade and everything went back to basics…happily I’d already saved my curves…but I knew there was something!

Yes, if you’ve lost curves in that file due to an upgrade, but you have a backup, then restoring the file should do the trick. When editing the file or restoring backups, it is wise to ensure Gimp isn’t running.

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