[Youtube] - Processing Exposure Blended Image

Okay, here it is my first youtube image processing video.

I had shot at this location before and had messed up the focus, so it was planned to go there again. This time I had checked the weather and it looked promising. I just left the house 10 minutes too late.I actually had intended to catch some light pinkish clouds, but I arrived at the site too late and instead got a fiery sky. Still a great motive, I thought and took the shot.

Now for the processing it is easy to be overwhelmed by the burning sky. But I actually was aiming for a lighter pastel like quality, which would work well with the white framing. So processing could be done differently, but I just chose this style.

This was done on my way to work, so 5 minutes extra drive and 10 minutes shooting, all in all quite effective I think.
Multiple exposure processed using rawtherapee and hugin and some final touches done in gimp.

Hope somebody finds this useful.


THANKS a lot indeed !

Just watched your video : It is extremely well done and useful :slight_smile:

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Thank you! :blush:

Gah! Folks need to remember to ping me when they get ready to drop awesome new tutorials and material on us like this so I can get it more prominent exposure on the main site too! :smiley:

Damn fine job, and thank you for getting this out there! I was going to write a simple how-to using luminosity masks and a simple two-exposure image with an image from a wedding I was at recently. I’ll need to find a way to tie them all together.

Thanks @patdavid! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to it as your tutorials are always informative and well written, or is it going to be video?
(I think I remember you saying somwhere, that you prefer to do written tuts…)

Yes, it’ll be written usually. I think I prefer them personally because it’s so much easier to quickly scan through to relevant sections at my own speed. Unfortunately it’s also way more work. :slight_smile:
I don’t want to hijack your awesome post/thread.

Another wonderful tutorial!

Written tutorials are great because they are more accessible but videos are more interesting :slight_smile:. You can still jump around in the YT video and change the playback speed, which I have.

Great Tutorial.
Even a beginner (like me) understands what you are doing. I especially like that you explain why you modify some settings in RT. Learned a lot and saw for the first time the GIMP & Hugin interface as a bonus.

Thank you.
Keep them coming.

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I have not used RT. In this case, I would use Darktable only for a darker photo using masks by adjusting the lower part and the sky separately.

What do you think? When is it enough to adjust only one image and when to use multiple images taken with different exposure?

I’ll also add that I just watched the tutorial and really learned a lot from it.


Thanks @afre

Yeah, I absolutely love both. It is just different mediums and you are reaching different persons.

Thank you @Els and @plaven, I am happy if it helps somehow. :slight_smile:

I go about it like this:

  1. Can I get a picture where everything is properly exposed?
    if not - then take multiple exposures unless you don’t care for the out of exposure parts (like center of the sun, or deep shadows), or you cannot take multiple exposures (moving objects etc…)
    (Ok, admitteldy there is another reason for not using multiple exposure…laziness :wink: )

  2. You might also want to use multiple exposures, if you want to have as little as possible noise (this is acutally part of point 1.). E.g. you can pull a lot out of shadows with the available tools, but these areas will be noisier than if you take a porperly exposed shot of that area.