adding "solved" box to replies?


it would be quite useful to have a “solved” checkbox messages. it would allow contributors to mark a specific reply as “solving” their particular request.

I would have marked, for example, this comment as “resolving” my question:

But there are many other such example discussions:

… I could go on, of course. :slight_smile:

i believe this is a feature built into Discourse (or a plugin?) as I have seen it elsewhere, for example in this forum:

Here’s an example of a resolved topic:

I think this would be quite useful for projects giving support in the forums here…


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That’s a good idea. The plugin is here:

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I don’t see the usefulness of this feature, as have many people on sites such as StackExchange. We already have a “like” system, which is sufficient. Here are a few reasons that I can think of:

1. Solutions come from the culmination of multiple posts from multiple contributors. To say that one post is the answer is missing the point.
2. The “solved” designation could be misplaced, or given to a less desirable “answer” and therefore would necessitate extra consideration of whether to change it or not.
3. Further gamification: more badges and notifications for @Morgan_Hardwood!


You have received a +1 badge from Jacal.


Then you just pick one, or you don’t pick any (which is the current state) or you summarize the multiple answers into one and pick that.

Well right now we have no marker at all, so it wouldn’t be a worse scenario.

No idea what you mean there…

Look the point isn’t as much to point at your favorite answer or promote a reply but to triage stuff out in support forums. For a maintainer in this forum, there can be quite a large number of questions here and having a way to quickly filter, visually, which one are solved and which aren’t could be useful.

Don’t let perfection be the enemy of good.

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Yep, that’s indeed very nice. What I have seen many times is to have an option to mark a thread as solved, instead of marking an answer as the solution. This also sidesteps all of the potential disadvantages mentioned by @afre.

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I also don’t see the point of marking an individual reply as the solution. However, being able to quickly mark the thread as “solved” could be beneficial over editing its title.


i gotta say: I can’t wait to see the plugin installed and check that little box on this discussion. :stuck_out_tongue: but maybe i’m being over-optimistic…

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:thinking: what if solved also closed that thread for further postings? :thinking:

No, that does not sound wise.

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We don’t close threads because they’re “solved”

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Based on my skim, I don’t think that discourse currently supports “solved thread” but I agree that that would make things simpler and easier to manage. Someone could make that request. :wink:

See recent thread on badge notifications.

On the discourse meta, they said they have implemented a few badges for the “solved” feature, and if you disable it afterwards, there is no way of removing them from the database currently.

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There is a “solved” tag that 49 OPs felt was useful at one time or another.


for those who missed that party, @afre was refering to this beautiful discussion:


Yes, if it is for the thread, maybe the solved tag is enough.

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crickets? too controversial?


No, too boring. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I think that forums are generally poor places to store and find information. This has been the case for a very long time. This is totally fine if the purpose of the forum is to be a social thing. However, if the purpose is to be a place that people can find answers, then I think big changes are needed. Stackoverflow and such sites are finally doing something proper about this issue. If people could rate a specific answer (not an entire thread) as a “solution” which causes post to be raised in search engine priority, then I think we’re on to something. Until then, I’ll mostly consider forums a “social thing sprinkled with random facts in random locations”.
So I think a solved box is a good idea. I might suggest calling it “solution” instead, but that’s a minor detail. :slight_smile:

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