Canon EOS R6 ii

how do you edit a CR3 raw file from Canon EOS R6 ii with RawTherapee?
The default setting is horrible. Even if I use the “Canon EOS R6 Marc II Adobe Standard.dcp” as color profile.

20230925_130152_Leesten.CR3 (21.4 MB)
20230925_130152_Leesten.CR3.pp3 (14.7 KB)

Of course you could improve the tonal values a lot, but just the black border on the left and top irritates me a lot.
Does anyone have a solution for the camera, which has been around for a good year?

What version of RT are you using?

The black border indicates that this raw file is not yet supportee, hence shit shit color and border.

It doesn’t matter how long the camera has been out as we generally need samples from the community.

If you have this camera, please provide sample raw files at

Hello @paperdigits
I use RawTherapee 5.9 on Manjaro Linux.

Why is ART so much better at handling these CR3? Here is an example without the slightest change on my part:

20230925_130152_Leesten.CR3.arp (11.0 KB)

Fix your tone curve?

Although I don’t know why it looks like that in your edit. I personally never use auto curve, but the standard film curve.

I use a more recent dev version and there have been fixes since 5.9. You can test nightly AppImage from here: Release Automated Builds · Beep6581/RawTherapee · GitHub

Judging by the 5.9 flatpak version, there seemingly was incomplete support for this cam, which meanwhile has been improved.

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yes, with this it already looks much better. Thank you.

20230925_130152_Leesten_RT-1.jpg.out.pp3 (14.3 KB)

@apostel338 Do you know when there will be an update for the RT 5.9?

That is the optical black area that all digital EOS but 1Ds have.

This topic has been covered in this thread.

If you mean when will 5.10 arrive, soon*.

*Not guaranteed.


What do you mean by “optical black area”? Can you please explain this in more detail?

About dynamic row noise black-columns-sim-v2

How the area looks like for D60 Measure black and white levels? - #11 by Peter

You see the black area also here from a 6D

Hallo @Peter
that all sounds very complicated. Yes, darktable is wonderful, excellent but very technical.
But my question has been if and how to process the Canon CR3 well with RawTherapee.

The black area is in your raw file and not darktable. Raw converters, if they support the camera model, crop those out so that an end user never sees it.

It is also described in RawTherapee as masked pixels/masked area/optically black

It is good that Canon includes them in the raw file.

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