[Capture Challenge] People without people

People without people. sounds weird right?

It should show people (e.g. shadows, reflections) or their impact without having the actual people in the frame. But of course there are a lot more options we can do here.

I am curious what you will come up with.

Please keep in mind capture challenge is about taking new photos and not just post something from your archive. It is about undusting your camera. :slight_smile:


Calling out @patdavid and @paperdigits to contribute something!



I have an idea that might work for this but mainly to avoid pollen: hay fever, it may be a few months before I do it, better light also
another idea less rural:
not sure if ghost signs meet the brief but of interest to photographers:

also of photographic interest is the mid-20th century magazine ‘Picture post’ and there is a ghost sign for it near where I live which I informed the BBC about, :

My grandfather was a sign writer in this era, don’t know if this is one of his

people might wonder if the photographer in the BBC link is the inspiration for some sketches I did which were exhibited in Sheffield just south of Leeds but they were drawn about ten years before I saw the TV program so no connection

Digressing badly but



I think that’s about a hundred years of feet.


On the way back of realising the light was wrong for the picture promised earlier I saw this one


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I can hear these people every night - but now there is no night, no people, no night life. But you can stop your car here now for loading until the night life comes back at 19:00


Taken today.




If they don’t return quickly, it could become “people without instruments”!

Are we requested to limit our sharing to the current challenge of the day (so to speak) or is this just an additional topic in addition to whatever else is shared by individual forum members?

I am ASSuming that this thread is intended only for photos that meet the parameters of the challenge, but you can share whatever else in other threads.

I’m further ASSuming that this means it’s pretty wide open in terms of what counts as the impact of people. I’m really setting myself up to be an ASS! :smiley:

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As you can see in the reflection on the window, they were watching :slight_smile:

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LOL I missed that!

May I ask you about this wall? The dates span almost a century (1887 - 1977, if I saw correctly).

While on a recent trip to Seattle, WA I got to visit the grave of a childhood hero and his son…

“Empty your mind.
Be formless, shapeless, like water.
You put water into a cup; it becomes the cup.
You put it into a teapot; it becomes the teapot.
You put water into a bottle; it becomes the bottle.
Now water can flow, or it can crash!
Be water, my friend.”


Of course :slight_smile:

The wall itself is perhaps about 700 years old.

I found those marks when I got the chance to climb the rooftop of our city’s cathedral - it’s not very accessible, so I tried to use the opportunity as much as I could, looked here and there and took pictures from the above:


A bit of a snapshot, but I thought this was kinda fitting here…