Classic Chrome HaldCLUT like the X-T2 for RT

(dngimage) #1

Are there any Classic Chrome LUT for RT?
Like the SOOC images here from the X-T2:

(Pat David) #2

The Classic Chrome from Fuji is based on Kodachrome originally, iirc. Have you tried one of the kodachrome options in the film emulation LUTs? The Kodachrome 200 & 64 might be similar?

(Morgan Hardwood) #3

Please search the forum before asking.

(dngimage) #4

Pat David,
Thanks for the tip and the link. You are always very helpful.
I will give Kodachrome 200 a try.

(Mica) #5

(Sebastien Guyader) #6

I tried to replicate the Classic Chrome preset based on its implemention in my X-T1, using a ColorChecker (I took RAW+JPG shots, and tried to replicate the JPG output from the RAW). I don’t know if it’s good for every kind of shots, but here it is for anyone to try (and please let me know if you like what it does):
Classic_Chrome.pp3 (11.4 KB)

You can load the Identity HaldCLUT, process it with this pp3, and save the result as a new ClassicChrome HaldCLUT.

(dngimage) #7

load the Identity HaldCLUT, process it with this pp3

Great tip Sebastien! Thanks!

(Morgan Hardwood) #8

There are some HaldCLUTs floating about, for example several versions of Classic Chrome, and others. I haven’t been paying close attention. If you come up with final versions, I would be happy to bundle them in the RawTherapee Film Simulation Collection if you point me to them.

(Sebastien Guyader) #9

In fact there’s something I don’t understand with the process of creating/using HaldCLUTs. Everytime I create a HaldCLUT (TIFF) from my pp3, when I load it in the Film Simulation filter, the result is different from the pp3 (mostly darker). Is there still an issue with gamma?

(Morgan Hardwood) #10

@sguyader that’s one possibility. Try imagemagick’s convert with “-colorspace sRGB” or “-colorspace RGB” or “-gamma 0.454545”.
Or post steps to reproduce.

(Sebastien Guyader) #11

I thought that this step wasn’t required if I use the Identiy CLUT downloaded from Rawpedia?
I’ll check what you said though.

(Morgan Hardwood) #12

It shouldn’t be, and I tested before uploading, but that was a long time ago and I don’t remember the details now.

(Sebastien Guyader) #13

Well my bad, this time it worked as it should with the “-colorspace sRGB” as well as with the original Identity CLUT. I don’t know why it was different last time.

Anyways, here are 2 HaldCLUTs from my experiments to match the “Acros” (from a contributer’s X-Pro2 camera) and “Classic Chrome” (from my own X-T1) Film Simulations:

If someone try those, please let me know your impressions.


Thank you, SĂ©bastien!

I will play with your Acros today.


(dngimage) #15

Thanks, SĂ©bastien! I like the Acros too.

(Sebastien Guyader) #16

@dngimage thanks for testing. What do you think of the Classic Chrome preset?

(dngimage) #17

Bonjour SĂ©bastien,
It is hard for me to tell. At times I find colors a little saturated for Classic Chrome. But then, since I don’t have a Fujifilm camera, and some of the images that I find online as a reference are either post-processed or taken at a different light or condition, it is hard to tell.

I will use it even though I use Kodachrome more. Here is a quick test using Classic Chrome. All saturation is at zero (sRGB/RT_sRGB).

(Sebastien Guyader) #18

Hmm… It looks like again I have this weird thing that the HaldCLUT result is different than the pp3… Can you compare results with the pp3 I posted above? The HaldCLUT seems to have more saturation, or less maybe lightness in the reds than the pp3.

(dngimage) #19

Here it is, just using your Classic_Chrome.pp3.

(Sebastien Guyader) #20

Thanks for your test, can you please try and compare the pp3 output to one with the new CLUT from here: