Classic Chrome HaldCLUT like the X-T2 for RT

Are there any Classic Chrome LUT for RT?
Like the SOOC images here from the X-T2:

The Classic Chrome from Fuji is based on Kodachrome originally, iirc. Have you tried one of the kodachrome options in the film emulation LUTs? The Kodachrome 200 & 64 might be similar?

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Please search the forum before asking.

Pat David,
Thanks for the tip and the link. You are always very helpful.
I will give Kodachrome 200 a try.

I tried to replicate the Classic Chrome preset based on its implemention in my X-T1, using a ColorChecker (I took RAW+JPG shots, and tried to replicate the JPG output from the RAW). I don’t know if it’s good for every kind of shots, but here it is for anyone to try (and please let me know if you like what it does):
Classic_Chrome.pp3 (11.4 KB)

You can load the Identity HaldCLUT, process it with this pp3, and save the result as a new ClassicChrome HaldCLUT.


load the Identity HaldCLUT, process it with this pp3

Great tip Sebastien! Thanks!

There are some HaldCLUTs floating about, for example several versions of Classic Chrome, and others. I haven’t been paying close attention. If you come up with final versions, I would be happy to bundle them in the RawTherapee Film Simulation Collection if you point me to them.

In fact there’s something I don’t understand with the process of creating/using HaldCLUTs. Everytime I create a HaldCLUT (TIFF) from my pp3, when I load it in the Film Simulation filter, the result is different from the pp3 (mostly darker). Is there still an issue with gamma?

@sguyader that’s one possibility. Try imagemagick’s convert with “-colorspace sRGB” or “-colorspace RGB” or “-gamma 0.454545”.
Or post steps to reproduce.

I thought that this step wasn’t required if I use the Identiy CLUT downloaded from Rawpedia?
I’ll check what you said though.

It shouldn’t be, and I tested before uploading, but that was a long time ago and I don’t remember the details now.

Well my bad, this time it worked as it should with the “-colorspace sRGB” as well as with the original Identity CLUT. I don’t know why it was different last time.

Anyways, here are 2 HaldCLUTs from my experiments to match the “Acros” (from a contributer’s X-Pro2 camera) and “Classic Chrome” (from my own X-T1) Film Simulations:

If someone try those, please let me know your impressions.


Thank you, SĂ©bastien!

I will play with your Acros today.


Thanks, SĂ©bastien! I like the Acros too.


@dngimage thanks for testing. What do you think of the Classic Chrome preset?

Bonjour SĂ©bastien,
It is hard for me to tell. At times I find colors a little saturated for Classic Chrome. But then, since I don’t have a Fujifilm camera, and some of the images that I find online as a reference are either post-processed or taken at a different light or condition, it is hard to tell.

I will use it even though I use Kodachrome more. Here is a quick test using Classic Chrome. All saturation is at zero (sRGB/RT_sRGB).

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Hmm… It looks like again I have this weird thing that the HaldCLUT result is different than the pp3… Can you compare results with the pp3 I posted above? The HaldCLUT seems to have more saturation, or less maybe lightness in the reds than the pp3.

Here it is, just using your Classic_Chrome.pp3.

Thanks for your test, can you please try and compare the pp3 output to one with the new CLUT from here: Filebin | 200rkfutz5rypn9l