Classic Chrome HaldCLUT like the X-T2 for RT

(Morgan Hardwood) #53

Great shot! But how can it be just the sun and one reflector? There is golden light on her left shin, so the reflector is camera-right, but there is a sharp shadow on her neck but a very soft, almost Bertrandt-style shadow on her cheek - how was that done?

(Pat David) #54

Sun on left making the harder shadows, reflector up in close for the softer shadows. Hence the golden shadow only on the upper portion (notice it’s not on the lower leg).

(Morgan Hardwood) #55

The soft highlights on the under side of her chin and neck and under her left brow, and the reflection on her shin but not on her knee suggest that the reflector was on the lower-right. But then how come there is no sharp shadow on her face from the navy cap? I’d like to know how you pulled this off, because you did it phenomenally well.

(Ilya.Var) #56

Here you can watch backstage video:

(Pat David) #57

Thank you for sharing this! This is fantastic work. Did you do the retouching yourself?

(Ilya.Var) #58

Yes. And my workflow means not more than 20 minutes of retouch work on a single image.
I use RawTherapee for ~ 90% of my raw convertions.

(Morgan Hardwood) #59

Thank you for sharing, great work!

(Peter Lavender) #60

Thanks for the link to the video. I enjoyed the BTS a lot.


Hey would you mind reuploading this and the Velvia emulation somewhere? I’d really like to test those, but the links say they’re expired.

(Pat David) #62

@sguyader - I’d be happy to host the files on the site (how big are they? They might be able to be uploaded directly into the forums…).

(Mica) #63

We can also throw them on github.

(Sebastien Guyader) #64

@patdavid I put the pp3’s and HaldCLUT’s (in TIFF format, 9MB) on my Google Drive. Feel free to host them anywhere you like.
I may try to revisit these presets someday, now that RT has lockable color pickers it will make it easier for me.

(Pat David) #65

That may be a better point - @sguyader do you have a github acct? We can add you to the org there to push them.

(Sebastien Guyader) #66

Yes I have a GitHub account:

But I’m a GitHub beginner.

(Mica) #67

I made a repo for RT presets. Its empty, so you start from scratch :wink:

(Pat David) #68

Also, so that @paperdigits doesn’t yell at me - can we assume you’re ok licensing these freely? I think I said CC0/CC1.0/Public Domain on the ones I had already done. Is that ok with you?

(Mica) #69

Public domain!

(Morgan Hardwood) #70

A small suggestion: store only PP3s in a folder called PP3, and don’t ship full-blown PP3s if the purpose of the PP3 is to only do one thing, such as color tweaking - save a partial PP3 instead.
Sidecar Files - Processing Profiles
Creating processing profiles for general use
Processing Profile Selector - Fill and Preserve modes

(Sebastien Guyader) #71

Yes of course, I release them for Public Domain!
In my GitHub repo I added “GNU GPL 3.0” without really knowing what I do, but if it is too restrictive, I can remove the License completely.

(Mica) #72

The GPL is too restrictive for these, they should be public domain, such that people can use them as they please.