Darktable - future plans

Like everyone else who has posted, I am grateful for a fantastic piece of software.

When a new version of Linux is proposed, there is normally a description of what new/improved features are planned to be in it. Could I respectfully ask if there is a similar thing for DT, and if so, then what is in the plan?

There’s no product roadmap - candidates for next releases can be found in feature request discussions or pull requests. (Issues · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub) But stuff will be entering a release if the work is done.
You can see this with camera support - some cameras are waiting for a long time to get supported even all needed info was provided. Not because developers refuse to implement it but doesn’t have enough time to properly integrate it…


Thanks for this, hopefully your statement will avoid other people asking the same question :grinning:

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I thought it was in the top post of the announcement thread: darktable 4.2.0 released

thats just whats in the current release, no future plan …

Release announcements have sometimes in the past included a “What’s next” kind of section when some big features are in development, but this one didn’t.

Digikam with v7.9.0 (2022-12-05) has already “Future Plans”

These usually go in the blog post, and usually only if there are obviously useful features that we know are in the planning stage by one of the devs. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to write a blog post this time round and the dev that usually provides those sort of sneak-peaks no longer works with the project.

but these doesn’t affect darktable…

Well, I could announce I am already working on sort of intelligent masks derived from felszenzwalb segmentation allowing users to select a bunch of segments.

Still too slow for a realtime program like dt…

No UI yet in masks setting…


I‘m always wondering how can do this besides your (literally) intense job. And how you acquired the image processing knowhow, as your background seems to be a very different one … kudos and big thanks!

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4 Kids are adults now, just over 60 so waking up at 5am :sunglasses: