DT and Color compressor [SOLVED]

Good time, everyone.
If anyone has ever used the color compression tool, they know what I’m talking about. You set the target hue, saturation, and lightness, and the tool brings all the colors to that target. You can use the sliders to adjust the degree to which the original picture, or the selected part of it, is brought to the target value.

The tool is needed for blurring the over highlights with the desired color, as an option. And then, to your liking. It may be you need it for some other purposes.

Problem solved DT and Color compressor [SOLVED] - #4 by Soupy

Maybe you need something like Exposure : enable color matching between pictures by aurelienpierre · Pull Request #10581 · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub ?

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That’s funny. Immediately ran to the exposure tool. I was so happy. On the way, while running)) was a thought - how I missed this tool) but ! when I ran to see that the spot mode is simply not there.
Снимок экрана 2022-05-09 в 15.43.27

DT 3.8.1.

Does colorize module in DT work for the purpose?

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This is on the master branch only (development version). You can build it yourself, or get one of the snapshot builds. What OS are you on? (Linux, Windows, OSX?)
There are 2 new tools available

  • exposure matching and
  • colour matching.

I’ve already linked the one for colour matching; that has a link to the one for exposure matching, too.

As Soupy said, maybe for now you could use colorize? Or perhaps color mapping?

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Yes, colorize, most likely. I haven’t tried it, but it looks just right.

2 Soupy, kofa
Thank you for your help.

colorize won’t allow you to match the colours in an automated way.
The modern, and recommended way for colour grading is color balance rgb (already available in 3.8).
Aurélien, its author, has just published a new video on colour grading:

I think you’ll also find this channel useful:


There’s a spot module there, too. It is necessary to recompile src.
The rest of the tools rely on channel histograms, and you just need to fill in certain selected areas.
I’d rather wait. Racing betas, no way.

Several of us here have been using the dev builds for years. Of course, there can be issues, but they are fixed quickly, and using those dev builds helps deliver tested software. You get new features more quickly, you pay with a bit of extra risk. To each his own.


Hmm. yeah?
I’ll try to build a program from source. It makes no sense to build it from the ports that are available for macos.
If only to install darktable-devel from ports, so that then to compile that one from the sources, not from the ports to build the program, but from from the off-site.

Yes. When I have time, I’ll try it. Thank you again.

@wpferguson Bill posts a new build every Sunday if you are on Windows…just search the forum or scroll back for Windows insider.

You can run this parallel to any version you currently use quite easily using command line switches… I can elaborate if any of that sound useful

mac OS

Right I am an idiot I forgot…should have recalled. I recall some osx builds put up too by @MStraeten I think …I will have to go searching…


Here 2 days ago

That’s it :slight_smile:
I see that here I will not be left alone with the problems, even if I want to ))))

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From the bottom of my heart, thank you :slight_smile:

Your welcome…I build Windows every few days and touch wood they can have some minor issues but overall nothing insurmountable or generally corrected quickly…I am just a hobbyist and so I don’t rely on DT for an income so maybe others have a much more cautious approach…I find it really helps to learn to follow and participate in trying the new feautures…

I hope you enjoy your ongoing journey with DT…

Do you know if you can switch from the lightness, hue, and saturation sliders to color circles in the color balance tool, where the 4 ways are, or are there only sliders?

No, as long as the program is stable. One minus - it slows down when you move the different sliders in the tools. There is no opencl support for this program on mac OS.
But I also have an old computer. i7 processor, but ivy bridge times. with an amd hd7970 video card. This is still a computer from the days when memory was ddr3.

The davinci resolve of course flies and I don’t notice any problems at all, but that proprietary software, which is probably loaded with a lot of resources.

But maybe you can somehow enable opencl support in this program that would not slow down the program?

This is the fault of macOS, not darktable. Apple dropped openCL in favor of their proprietary Metal API. So not a whole lot we can do. Also there are only a few Mac devs on the dt team.

Indeed. now switched to opencl in resolve - a complete hangup) back to metal.
Well, no, so no. No big deal.

They are sliders, their UI is not configurable.

Well, no, so no. No big deal :slight_smile: