GIMP AppImage (continuous integration)

You can select RT as the RAW loading plug-in instead of DT, this should also fix the issue with SVG files…

@stefan.chirila @Carmelo_DrRaw
Does the mime-type generalized class image/x-dcraw conflict because there is no glob pattern? I bet both plugins want to handle the svg, nufraw as a plain vs the common svg plugin. An undefined behavior following the path of least resistance triggering nonsense error messages. :scream:

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@Carmelo_DrRaw rawtherapee i also have as an image and doesn’t show up in the list :frowning:

Yes AppImages and FlatPaks won’t show up. You need to install the regular versions.

If the appImage would allow the selection of the default Raw Loader, then this wouldn’t be an issue for anyone.

@Carmelo_DrRaw can you make it use Default Raw Loader as default in the image??

@racer-x @stefan.chirila

There is a simple workaround for this:

  • create an $HOME/.local/bin folder if it does not exist
  • in this folder, create a symbolic link to the RT appimage, and call the link rawtherapee (like the normal executable)
  • make sure that $HOME/.local/bin is at the beginning of your PATH environment variable

Now GIMP will use the RT appimage instead of the regular version…

@racer-x what do you mean by default raw loader?

@Carmelo_DrRaw when you go into the Preferences and then Input section where you pick darktable as raw editor there are two other options: nuFRAW and another one called Default Raw Editor or something, but that other one can not be selected. If you select it it tells you you have to restart gimp and when you do it has nuFRAW selected again

This is what I mean by default raw loader.

Dear all,

I have prepared a new AppImage package for the 2.10.6 release, available from here:

There are several differences with respect to the previous GIMP AppImage packages, so I need your help to test this new version on as many Linux distributions as possible, and reports either issues or success.

The new package is built under CentOS7, which provides newer system packages compared to the Ubuntu 14.04 used previously. Moreover, CentOS7 is based on an older GLibc 2.17, allowing the AppImage package to be in principle compatible with a larger number of distributions (particularly older ones). The new build system should allow to compile also the GTK3 version of GIMP, but this is still work in progress.

This latest appimage comes without extra plug-ins. I am working on a way to provide them as a separate package…

*Thanks a lot!!!

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using Kubuntu 16.04

No language support. No python

Could that be because size = 85 MB compared to previous 160 MB-ish previous (ubuntu based) versions

@rich2005 python should work, languages I didn’t check… could you please post the full terminal output?

Indeed I am trying to optimize the package size, to avoid wasting bandwidth…


This with clean gimp profile (3.2 KB)

@rich2005 thanks! I have included libxcb in the bundle, this should hopefully solve the problem with python. Could you test the new package? →

Qualified ok. As a check for both python and compiled, resynthesizer + works. Ofnuts path tools is ok, only one small homegrown python script that works in flatpak 2.10.6 is not showing up.

Great!!! If you show me the log, we can try to figure out why your custom script does not work…

Not a problem, I found the trouble straight away, a typo gimpfu import * instead of gimpfu import*

Not spotted until now because the script works in gimp 2.8, my old gimp 2.9.9 appimage and gimp 2.10 flatpak.

Debian 9 here. Gimp starts fine and seems to work. Opening a DNG RAW starts darktable as expected, but after closing darktable there is an error message: unknown file typeI guess EXR support is missing?

That’s a good point! Will look into that ASAP. Good to know that the external RAW processors are launched correctly, as that’s one of the tricky aspects of the AppImage business…


Works great here on Linux Mint 19, but can’t get G’mic to work. Any tips?

Thanks a lot @Carmelo_DrRaw for providing us with GIMP AppImage!

My issues:

Same as @pk5dark, I’m not able to open Nikon raw files (NEF) files after closing Darktable:

Execution error for procedure 'gimp-file-load':
Unknown file type


Opening '/media/s7habo/Fotoarchiv1/Container 05 07 2018/_DSC7191.NEF' failed:
Raw Nikon plug-In could not open image

Missing G’MIC

and have same minor problem as with with other AppImages before; in the dark theme text is too bright:


Notice: I don’t have that issue with flatpak version!

Info: I’m using Ubuntu Studio 16.04 with KDE Plasma 5.8.9

Beside those issues, everything else is working fine :slight_smile:

Just made tons of little planets! :smiley:

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