GIMP AppImage (continuous integration)

Dear GIMP enthusiasts, I have prepared a new version of the AppImage package, that comes now in two flavours:

  • a “bare” package that only contains GIMP
  • a “full featured” one that also contains several plug-ins - of course including G’MIC (@racer-x and several others will certainly be happy about this)

In addition, both versions now should properly support EXR files.

The new packages can be downloaded as usual from the continuous integration page - just scroll down and pick up the most recent ones. The “full featured” version is labelled withplugins.

As usual, do not hesitate to report any issue you are having, I’ll look into them as soon as time allows.
@s7habo I still could not figure out which you have issues with the dark theme. I need to put together a KDE-based system and run some tests…


Love it, thanks a lot. It seems to load quicker also.

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Thanks so much for this! It’s great to be able to use latest GIMP/G’MIC so easily. Really appreciate the effort you put in, I know just how time consuming these things can be.


It definitely takes quite some time to properly set-up an AppImage, especially when wants to support the widest possible number of distros…

By the way, did you manage to update the gmic filters file with the appimage? That’s the only thing that didn’t work in my tests.

Thanks for the encouraging words!

Yes for whatever reason it’s flawless for me :slight_smile: on manjaro - filters update no problem.

I’ve been testing it through a Docker container, maybe that’s the reason…

Thanks for the quick check.

Hi @Carmelo_DrRaw,

just discovered that in both last GIMP appimages (2.10.6 and 2.10.7) Foreground extract tool does’t have levin-matting engine (cannot be selected).


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This reminds me some problem I had in the past as well… I will investigate as soon as possible.

Thanks for checking and reporting this!

I have to thank you for the privilege to be able to work with the latest GIMP without any effort! :point_up:


It seems I fixed this quite easily - it was due to a missing dependency for GEGL.

Here is what I get with the latest, freshly produced, appimage:


Could you please confirm? Thanks!


Yesss it works now! Thanks a lot @Carmelo_DrRaw!! :handshake::clap:

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I’m on Linux Mint 19 and I get this error when running GIMP_AppImage-git-2.10.7-withplugins-20180913-x86_64.AppImage :
/tmp/.mount_GIMP_AAEQxle/usr/bin/gimp.bin: fatal error: Segmentation fault

@paperdigits I’m mentioning you to follow the discussion from Color Masks in Gimp

Could you please post the full terminal output from running the AppImage?
Do you have any special USB device plugged? There seems to be some known problem with some USB devices, as discussed here.

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Indeed! It’s my mouse. I unplugged it and could open GIMP. Then I plugged it back and it seems to work fine.
Full terminal output with segfault in case it’s still useful.

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I ma trying to prepare a new AppImage package from the current GIMP_2_10 branch, to see if this has already been fixed upstream… please keep an eye on the GitHub issue to see how this is progressing.

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Re: GIMP_AppImage-git-2.10.7-withplugins-20180920-x86_64.AppImage
G’MIC crashes and does not open. Screenshot attached. System Linux Mint 18.3 Sylvia updated.Screenshot_2018-09-21_10-40-11

Could you please check if the previous *withplugins* version works for you?


Yes, the earlier version works. I also observe the differance in size of both the releases. The latest one is 10mb smaller. I hope this is due to optimizing only.

I discovered some mistake in the startup scripts of the AppImage package (I am still developing the scripts to make them more readable and general).

Could you please check the latest package ( I did a quick check and G’MIC seems to work fine now.

Thanks. G’MIC is working in this latest Appimage on my system. Thanks once again for your dedication and hardwork.