GIMP AppImage (continuous integration)

Yes but pre 2.4.3 is integrated in the Appimage, i think it isn’t feasible to upgrade without rebuilding the appimage.

@ggc @Bilbo let me have a look later today. The GMIC version in the AppImage should be automatically updated to the latest available… which version of the AppImage are you using?

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i am using GIMP_AppImage-release-2.10.8-withplugins-x86_64.AppImage from

Could you try the very latest one?

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Same problem (i’m using ubuntu mate 18.04.2 now). Seems also here the Gimp icon is missing. Thank you.


In my case, when I hit the “OK” button to apply the filter (even if the preview has timed out), I get the following error:

*** Error in ./fx_simulate_film/_fx_cluts/*if/(...)/*if/*repeat/*if/*local/ *** Unreachable network file ''.

I suspect the two problems are related. I will try to figure out why network access does not work…

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yes i get this too if pressing ok

I’m on it…


Maybe some things, if it may help :
G’MIC uses calls to the library libcurl to retrieve files from the G’MIC domain , as a few filters require external data to be loaded (loaded files go to the G’MIC resources folder, which is often $HOME/.config/gmic ).

Thanks @David_Tschumperle. After some more investigations, it turn out that the error returned by libcurl is CURLE_SSL_CACERT_BADFILE. That is, the CA certificate is not accessible for some reasons… I have to see if that is a problem of environment variables.


@ggc @s7habo @Bilbo @David_Tschumperle
After more investigations, it turn out that there is a mismatch between the LibCURL version that is bundled in the AppImage (and used by G’MIC to download the CLUTs) and the CA certificates that are available in systems like Ubuntu 18.04

The more reliable solution I have found is to disable the LibCURL support in G’MIC/CImg, and let the code fall back to external CURL/WGET commands for downloading network files. Either curl or wget should normally be present on all Linux systems, so that should not be a big limitation.

@David_Tschumperle is that OK for you?

I have prepared a new AppImage package with this fix included. Could you please test it and see if the film emulations now work properly for you as well?



Thanks for the investigation !

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Nice Job @Carmelo_DrRaw! Thanks a lot!! :+1::sunglasses::fist_right::fist_left:


Thank you it works!

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Btw, i have tried with Fedora 29 and works too :grinning:

And unfortunatly missing menu icon there too.

@Marcello_C @ggc the missing icon problem should be finally fixed in the latest packages from today. Could you please check & confirm?

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Work fine icon is finally here, thank you!!!

I only have a %U in the integrated entry in the menu, that leads to an error when i launch the appimage, but it’s enought to remove it. Maybe it’s due to the previous install.

Gimp2 Schermata%20a%202019-05-19%2020-39-54

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I vaguely remember having issues with the %U key as well in the past, but I forgot the details. On the other hand, %U is a valid key according to the freedesktop specifications… I will investigate.

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I have re-introduced the AppImage packages that bundle several GIMP plug-ins, because several people have asked for them.
It is still possible to install and update the plug-ins separately, as explained [here] (GIMP AppImage plug-ins moved to a separate repository). In this case they will take precedence over the bundled ones.