Gmic for animation

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i painting sequencer animation in gimp with gmic plug-in

video - pixilation of all a workday

Automatic Coloring for Grease Pencil in Blender with G'MIC
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I wish to use gmic without gimp and interpolar of the points painted…

gmic j01.png -input_gpl paleta.gpl -x_colorize[0] 1,1024,1,[-1] -k[0] -s c,{3-s} -o j01c.png

But no as know where paint before… It would need the list of points of painted of gmic

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I would wish to create something like this in gmic+gimp, to paint sequences of images.

Opentoonz Is free, but does not run in gnu/linux, besides prefer to follow using gimp :smiley:

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Have you looked at the GIMP Animation Package? Also, Krita is about to gain some animation features as well.

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I use synfig studio animation. I use to paint drawings pixelares use gimp with gmic. I thought in a way but fast to do it.

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You should talk to Jehan. He is one of the GIMP developers and at the moment creating a movie with GIMP:

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I also make a short with gimp and gmic. I think that painting 50 frames with gmic could be but easy using linearts. It would like me that it was but fast.
I did some programs to my work.

my programs:

i wish to do that gmic paint 50 frames at the same time.

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Try clone effect:

My pseudo script:


  1. Color for levels (layers)

2. Complete holes

3. Round holes. This is missing me

4. Add Shadown and textures

5. Shadown texture and real color

other texture for example


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It is missing me the step 3 round the holes are lines black

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inflatemesh for inkscape

3D level for shadown and light

G'MIC exercises
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OK, you made me think about a possible filter to ease the illumination of shapes.
I’m not sure this is way to investigate further, so maybe you can tell me ?
At this point, this is what I’m able to do, from a binary shape (left) to an automatically illuminated version (right):

We could think about adding lot of options of course to set up the light color, direction, and so on…
This is for the moment just a proof of concept.

Do you think it can be interesting ?

Auto-illumination of 2d shapes
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This result is very good, only needs multiniveles axometric are an alone origin of light and variable projected shadows.

What I look for is to create a similar result to east:

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